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OCR01685 - Final Fantasy VI "Dirt Devil"


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Pure genius. One of the best Zircon remixes in my opinion, the attention to detail is just amazing. The arrangement is full of quirks and expands the original melodies in a very admirable way. The production and general sound is top-notch, as expected.

Absolutely positively one hundred percent recommended!

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There's plenty of sonic goodness to be had here. That part at 1:30 really gets me. It's totally transporting. I just really like how this track moves along from one part to the next. it really makes for a fun listen.

It's very visual too. It conjures up so many images as I'm listening. Very colorful. You rock, zircon!

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Though I love your beats and I'm one of the groove biasiest (it's a word now!) people you're gonna find, I love how the beats take a backseat approach to the other instruments in this song. There's just some damn creative instrumentation going on. Especially love the eerie synth coming in at 0:40 and the interplay in the break that shortly follows. Awesome song all around.

I have say I was not totally feeling the fadeout though...

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Very contemporary. I love how you kept the style of the original intact with the machinery sounds and tempo. In the same time, the use of various sci-fi, classical, orchestral, and rock sounds is simply excellent. They all mesh together very well. Samples are of course great. Extremely catchy drums, very nice keyboards and variety in melody, guitars are great but the rock bias in me wishes they would've sounded more prominent compared to the other stuff, and finally the sci-fi sounds remind me of what Mahito Yakota did with the Mario Galaxy soundtrack. The progressive nature of this track reminds me of Monstrous Turtles a lot...the way you integrated a bit of Kafka in there reminds me of the Forest of Illusion cameo in Monstrous Turtles. Like everyone said, the fadeout is probably the most disappointing aspect about this grandiose remix, because its just too typical for the likes of zircon. But I can understand working under time constraints, so it's no biggie with me. The possibility of a new ending entices me, though.

I still haven't listened to the other entries of the contest to compare, but you've definitely put a lot of love into this remix, Andy. Congrats on the win and keep everyone posted with your experience in Distant Worlds! The possibility of meeting Uematsu and handing him a copy of Voices of the Lifestream is so cool. I wonder how he'll react?

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Yeah, you got me on this one.

Luuuve the introdrums. Crunchy and about to break. Great stuff.

Love the play with the melody.

Love the bas return at 1.53 and the pizz.

The drag with the melody at 2.35 really got me.

Anvils are nasty! Grawwwrh!

Making it 3.37 is totally cool.

You make such good work with it so you want to listen to it again.

Great work Zircon.

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Another great piece of music from Andrew. I love the mixture of electronic instruments and the more acoustic sounding strings... all over some phat beats, haha.

I hope you enjoy your spoils. Especiallly,

For his efforts, Andrew will receive ..................................

a copy of the OverClocked ReMix fan album Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream.


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I more or less echo what everyone else has said about this song. Fadeout ending or not, this is bad ass plain and simple. I was glad that you decided to toss a wip of this to me on OCR chat, I wish I could've said more constructive things but you pretty much blew me away even with the unfinished piece you had at the time :).

I think that it's great that you were able to win a contest, and I certainly look forward to more from you :).

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