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OCR00967 - Super Metroid "Zebesian Midnight"


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Damn...the piano alone is enough to make this song worth hearing. The smooth jazz part is just so nice :)

Alot of different styles, moods for this, all which transition and work nicely with the song. Despite it's low bitrate, it has high-quality sound.

Great instrument work, great everything! Definitely a favorite.

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Ugh, we went through some pains to get the clipping out and the encoding decent. I liked this remix from the first time I heard it. Maybe cause I like jazz, or maybe I just like great playing/arrangement skill.

Anyway, I hope no one minds this:

I'm hosting the longer 9 minute version of this song for a SHORT while for anyone who craves high quality encodes:

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to remove the link... like.. 2 months ago.

winamp 2.81 or greater. Ogg vorbis doesnt work on media player without some hacks, sorry.

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I definetly definetly like the pipe/flute (sorry for my lack of technical knowledge) introduction. Sets up the song very well, and as you bring in the light cymbal, it's the perfect seque into the melody. That transition at the 4 mintue mark, although a strange jump when listened to objectively, makes sense considering the original song. Plus, the guitar work it goes through, awesome.

<-- keepin' it.

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Wow, I just love the sound of this, and I wish I had the technical know-how to break it down. Only thing I can say is, what should I expect from a fellow Hendrix fan? ;)


Ogg format runs just fine under winamp 3.0.

First off, Winamp 3 sucks. Second off (wtf), Winamp 2.8, or 2.9 if you have the beta, plays OGGs just fine.

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Thanks for the feedback, and a special thanks to protricity for helping me fix some recording and encoding problems. He has been a big help getting this 7 minute song to 6 megs without it sounding like ass. thanks protricity.

As for the song, when i submitted it, it was 9 minutes long. it was divided into 3 movements and an intro. there was no way i could get it down to 6 megs without the bitrate sinking....really bad. it was a hard thing to do, but i ripped out a minute and a half of the song, so whats left are the second and third movements and a slightly different intro. the version Prot is hosting has the elusive first movement. (its also 9:04 long). djp said that he would veto the song as it was even tho the judges voted yes because the bitrate was too low. i think the second and third movements are far superior to the first anyway, but i encourage you to check out the original version


NOTE: did anyone notice the metroid/scream noise? i created that sound by plucking my guitar strings above the nut close to the machineheads and throwing the whammy bar on. i them reversed the recording and had myself a nice screaming metroid noise.

EDIT: I will respond to individual comments here, because i dont want to make a new post

Mustin: i'm not sure what artistic liberties you speak of during the 'kraid' section. in the lower brinstar obviously i realize that the solos were over a jam section that i pretty much wrote my self (if you could say that, only 2 chords) that was *very* loosely based on the original chords. other than that, the only real liberties i took in kraid were in the melody structure, i.e. how many times a line repeats, and the string voicing of the chords, "comping" if you will. i did change one chord in the third section of the kraid melody that was very very minor sounding, (i cant remember if it was a half diminished, but i wouldnt be suprised.) into a major chord, but i think that the half diminished would not have fit in with the feel of the song. (AmIEviL made a similar chord alteration in "MindoftheMotherBrain) thanks for your comments, Mustin, russell and everyone else.

And to those who complained about the percussion: DEAL WITH IT. :wink:

EDIT 2: in response to the judge decisions, Analoq: at 1:39, (assuming you're listening to the 7 minute posted version, not the 9 minute original) that particular passage is all synth, so there are no off-key notes.

Malcos: thanks for your support, but i was taken aback by your suggestion of "cutting down the drawn out ending." to make the song shorter. personally, that drawn out ending is my favorite part of the song. i think i definately made the right decision taking out the first movement and leaving the ending intact.

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Whoa. That was freaking cool. :)

Oh, and yes I did hear the screaming noises. It sounded more like whales than metroids, though, no offense. But oh well, that doesn't matter because the song is amazing. ;)

I'm burning this badboy onto my CD with all my favs! :D

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Definitely has it's moments.

Some of the percussion was questionable.

The piano and guitar are great.

Everything else is pretty good.

Some of the "artistic liberties" with the chords and notes strike me as odd. I would have just done what was originally written. That really comes out the "worst" for me during "Kraid." Why did you change the notes/chords?

Cool metroid effect.

Beautiful ending.

(bart, thanks for the props!)

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*Comments are on the full version -- thanks prot*

I like the little grind in the end of the beginning -- adds a lot of character. It has a nice laid-back feel, until we go into the 'action' (last) sequence. Most of it's excellent, with the exception of some chords I didn't agree with in the middle section. The intro and middle sections sound more interesting than the ending section, though that may just be me.

I'm with Mustin; some of those chords don't really sound wrong, just not right. They're not so far gone as to say they're horribly dissonant and wrong, but just feel like they don't belong, even though they do work (to some extent). It may be because I'm not big on jazz, but they still strike a bad note with me.

Overall, from this little bit, I would have rather had *you* do the score for Metroid Prime, as the entire game had music nowhere near the level of Super Metroid (aside from the title screen music). I think you would have done it more justice than what was ingame.


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This is amazingly cool stuff from Vigilante, although I don't really like the first section as much (in the full version) - the recorder synths were the only thing I really liked, and the rest of the strings, etc. felt rather muddy. Pretty top notch arranging, though. It's all pretty smooth and relaxing while still having lots of atmosphere and mood. The jazz section starting at about 3:50 is even better, with great piano playing and and even cooler jazz guitar. The percussion feels a little strange to me, though - but I never liked that quiet "crack" sound that's in a lot of softer jazz. It starts to pick up momentum at about 5:39 again, and it this point the percussion feels a little more unusual, plus it seems just to be more something to put in between the past jazz and the Kraid theme.

The Kraid theme is good, yes, but I felt like I was listening to The Wingless' Teardrinker all over again. Of course, the chords actually match with this mix, but, like Mustin and Russell Cox, I feel like changing the chords really modified the mood of the original in an awkward way. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but it didn't feel quite right...

This is an extremely awesome mix, though. If this is any indication of what your future mixes will sound like, Vigilante, you'll probably be one of my favorite OCRemixers. Keep up the good work!

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Uhh, those whale things, I assume they're metroids, but sometimes that noise will get really loud and like, hurt my ears. Other than that, this is the best Metroid remix that I've ever heard.

It tops my stuff! I mean the best metroid remixes I have to offer are my medleys (shameless plug, check out "Hidden From the World" and "Metroid Medley" on my website) which are nowhere near this kind of quality, even though I did work on both of them for a few weeks. It's weird, I think both our remixes share some qualities, for example, destroying people's subwoofers and playing the metroid theme for the intro :) Once again, I gotta say this is my favorite Metroid remix, along with HomesickAlien's Metroid Title Remix (it was on VGmix)

A must download for the metroid lovers.

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So very, very sweet. This is how a really complete ReMix sounds. Vigilante obviously spent a ton of time on this one. The guitar tones are awesome - I especially liked the humbuck'd guitar at the end.

Sound quality is a bit "papery", as DJP pointed out, but that's the price you pay for such a wonderful (and wonderfully long) tune.

<- gets down on his knees to beg for a high quality (maybe even WAV 8O ) to get posted on someone's FTP soon. :D

Oops, posted before reading Prot's post. :oops:

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