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The worst movie of all time...


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Really? Damn. The second I saw Sam L.'s face I knew it was gonna suck but I was hoping one of the more interesting LOOKING films could have at least held it's own. Looks like Imdb gave a 5.8, RT a 17% with an average rating of 3.7... so I know it's not just you.

Can you, or others, be a little bit more specific than 'it sucks' though?

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what were they thinking for the spirit - i tried to find some enjoyment by finding satirical humor in it's ridiculousness but everytime it was feeling ok something new would happen and kill it for me - it seems like they just gave up on whatever they were trying to do and just rushed it out

but sam l was the only saving grace along with all the ladies - but yeah...haven't felt embarrassed to see a movie in a while

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That movie made ZERO sense. All except the polar bear fight scene.

That's because they cut a lot of stuff out to fit it into the movie. It's also a lot different from the book. The books are much more... how should I put it... fucked up.

They butchered the books to make a quick buck from the current children's fantasy cash-in craze that's still going after all these years... Blame Harry Potter if anything. If it wasn't for those books and the giant money-making movies, we wouldn't have had all of the other fantasy films trying to copy them.

Seriously, go try the Golden Compass books. It's sooooo fucked up.

OC Remix: The Movie

Four and half hours of people spouting bullshit philosophy, economics and law, interspersed with fanboy rants about video game with a soundtrack composed entirely of boom-tiss-boom-tiss from Final Fantasy 7.


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