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Awesome Nonsensical Lines from Games/VG Music


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The best line in the Halo series is undoubtedly in Halo 3.

<Cortana> Did you have a plan for getting us out of here?

<Master Chief> Thought I'd shoot my way out. Mix things up a little.

To keep this post from being entirely off topic, I must register my surprise that no one's quoted from the delightfully terrible Final Fantasy Tactics translation. The two classic ones are, of course, Ramza telling a group of theives to "Surrender now or die in obscurity!", and Delita, in the midst of kidnapping a princess, telling his pursuers "Don't blame me. Blame yourself, or God." I always did wonder why it wasn't his fault that he was kidnapping people... FFT characters occasionaly said "incantations" when they cast spells, and they were universally pretty nonsensical. I liked the one for the Mog summon. "Kupo! Round and round you go! MOOGLE!"

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I think that the dialogue you get from your allies is a lot more, uh, interesting than anything that you hear during a cutscene.

For example:

"For your information, they're hazel. Now stop staring!"

And for lulz:

"Cheeky monkey!"

...really, you should just look up the dialogue databanks on halo.bungie.org and see (hear) for yourself.

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"I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere, right now. Even though you broke my heart and killed me... and tore me to pieces... and threw every piece into a fire."

And F-Zero X's soundtrack titles, if that counts.

"Fall Down to the Scream"

"All Need is 30 Deaths"

"The Long Distance of Murder"

"Crazy Call at Cry"

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I'll always love the unforgettable JRPG-engrish, "Help! I'm being oppressed!", "This guy are sick", "Experience is a skill learned with job training", "Welcome to Assaram" come to mind. That and all those terrible "The End" puns from MGS3. There were some awesome oneliners from SW: TFU though:

Stormtrooper: (after seeing some jedi kill like 15 dudes) "....This one's being stupid, sir."

Stormtrooper: (upon death) "I have... ...no regrets..!!!"

And for some reason, years ago I thought these two were funny enough to take screenshots of:



(if this thread were open to music program error messages, http://rogetmusic.com/temp/sonar_error.jpg would be the clear winner)

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