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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED


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I'have a program to catalog all ocremix mp3 (and other songs) called "Mediamonkey". It is a very usefull interface, with an access back end database. I want to put the OCRemix ID in the track number, so that I have the exact order in which the songs where released, and I can burn cds from the first mix to the last mix. It is also very usefull to search back a remix on the web site.

So I'm loading this in the database, and updating the track number with the OCR number, with the help of the xml file.

Could you tell just how to do this? I tried downloading MediaMonkey, but I didn't see any obvious way for it.

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Quick question. I just finished downloading the 1-1000 torrent, however I only have 868 files in the folder. Why is that?

I saved them to a folder that is not connected to the folder that has the other OCR remixes that I've downloaded, not to mention the ones that I had before the torrent had been changed in terms of their names and such, so I don't think that's the reason there are not 1000 files.

Could it have something to do with the "recall" of remixes that we had not too long ago where they removed some of the older mixes after re-evalutation for quality control?

Thanks guys :).

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I hate to make another one, but my previous was locked. If a mod wants to move it to the old thread or just delete the old one, please go right ahead.

Here's the question:

To date, there are 1,410 remixes on the site. After finishing both torrents, I have 1,357. Obviously, I'm missing a few :).

I'm assuming that some of the more recent files/songs are not on the torrent and that I will have to DL them individually. No problem there.

However, my question is this:

Is there a way for me to see the list of ALL the remixes and have them listed according to their OCR number? I would guess that listing them by the date would effectively do that (which I've done already), but I didn't really want to guess for fear of getting multiple identitcal songs :).

Also, any idea what the cut off date was for the two bit torrents so I can start there?

Sorry for all the noob questions, but thanks for the help!!

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You have to manage BitTorrent files now? If you read up on the general method BitTorrent works, you should realize that there really isn't too much maintainence that has to be done. In fact, it could be even said that there only really has to be 1 person with all of the files in a complete torrent (seed) to be able to upload to any number of other people (peers).

Aside from creating the torrent file, the only real work that OCR has to do is upkeep on its external tracker. The tracker is what allows seeds to be connected to peers and peers to peers as well. It also communicates between each client what files (or pieces of files) you have available to share and what files you don't have that are specific to that torrent.

OCR's BT is no different from any other BT. Only the files that are available are unique compared to others. Reading up on how BT works in general probably might help you more if you don't think I have given you a sufficient explanation.

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Is anyone knowledgeable on why the Rise of the Star and Blood on the Asphalt torrents aren't transferring data depsite the seeders and leechers involved? These need to be fixed/reset/whatever, as the download completed # for both hasn't moved for months, and it's obvious people are trying to obtain the files.

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Okay, I'm a bit of a lurker here, hence my absurdly low post count as opposed to my registration date... But now I have a rather important question - I don't seem to be getting all the files for the main ReMixes.

When downloading the OC Remix 1-1,000 and 1,001-1,500 torrents, I don't get all the files. (Total count is some-odd 1,4xx; the songs break around the end of the Xenogears ReMixes.) Is this a problem with the tracker, or is it just some silly fluke that I could fix by reloading the torrent and re-downloading everything?

Just FYI, I'm using the latest version of Azureus, in case that matters at all.

Thanks for the help.

I can do a little seeding here and there. Nothing consistent - I don't have a machine I can dedicate 24/7, sorry, but I do intend to give back to the OC ReMix torrent community. They made my life a whole lot easier, so I owe y'all at least a little dedicated seeding time, right?

Also, how often do you release new torrents? Every 250 ReMixes or so?

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Well, I would agree with you, Nicholas, but like I said, the files cut off right around the end of the Xenogears remixes.

But maybe that was just a one-time problem...

Either way, having an admin look into this would be really appreciated.


Okay, I'm re-downloading the main ReMixes, and I checked the files tab of my torrents. It looks like all the files are in the tracker, and I assume it was just a fluke that caused me to miss the last few dozen the last time.

On an unrelated note, has anyone had their mp3 player separate the album "http://www.ocremix.org" into three separate albums, even though each is absolutely identical? My Zen Vision M does it, and it's really quite annoying to have my Remixes pop up in random places across my playlist (Okay, so they just get out of alphabetical order, but still, it's annoying for someone who's OCD about their playlists...)

I suppose that could be easily remedied by changing the album name, huh?

Edit 2

Nevermind, I see now. Topic merge, for the win. I think.

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There's no reason your files should be stopping at Xenogears, though I couldn't explain why that is. Redownloading isn't a terrible suggestion, but it may be time consuming. Aubrey might have to field this one.

But if you are in fact getting the Zs, then...

Some remixes have been removed from ocremix because of rules violations, by request, or some other reason. The torrents served here contain only the remixes that are currently published on ocremix. This means that if you download OCR00001 to OCR01250 you will end up with quite a bit less than 1250 mp3s.

Whatever the range is, you will get less than that amount of songs due to ReMix removals.

To answer your other question, we are now releasing updated torrents every 100 songs, or about once a year.

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