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OCR02005 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Dance of the Zinger"


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I think from now on, every trance song needs to have a prominent kettle drum. I'd say such a thing is better than both tea kettles and kettle corn COMBINED, so you know i'm not taking this lightly.

Awesome builds on the track, A solid beat, and some really nice piano and synth melodic goodness make this an-all around anthem, my favorite kind of tracks.

I hope if Virt has a DJ set at next year's Magfest, that he includes this track. :-)

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Great music heals all wounds, and this is more than great, it's absolutely astonishing! (Ha, you thought I was going to say amazing, didn't you?) Virt did really well with this ReMix, and I always thought this song had Trance written all over it, but I never realized how much of an upgrade it would have been. Now the climax isn't the only thing I can listen to, as the trance beats give the lower sections their own spotlight. Nice!

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That's virt for you...so versatile. He's usually portrayed as a rock/chiptune veteran, but here he is making a very, very catchy trance remix. Not a huge trance fan, but I can't help but move my body as I listen to this. Very suitable counterpart to the fast-paced nature of the original track. Definitely one of the best tracks of the album. Awesome work, man! Glad you're still contributing to these remixes on top of your VG composing work.

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who is virt? some n00b?

Funny thing is, if I didn't know you were an oldtimer around these parts, I could totally see someone new around here asking that question in complete seriousness. I can't believe it's been that long since virt last had a mix on the site. Wonder if this means there's any chance of Jake's removed stuff getting reposted.

I'm glad to see that would have healed enough for this to happen. The fact that there's another mix of his on the site, is almost more exciting than the mix itself.

Speaking of the remix (nice transition, right?), I'm really digging it. I think Wes' comment, "cheesy trance that works" is a perfect description of this tune. It's got that awesome thumpy, danceable bassline, the rhymthic, mid-range chords, and the screaming, catchy lead that makes the genre so much fun. Coincidentally, this is one of my favorite sources from the game as well, so that probably helps a lot in giving me a positive opinion of this mix.

Also, VIRT. wtf awesome.

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The original source was never one of my favorites, though I liked it, nonetheless. It had a lot of competition in DKC2. Practically the entire soundtrack was epic and fun to listen to.

But I think this remix, out of all the ones on the album, did the best work taking a source and making it 100x more enjoyable. It accents the best parts of the melody instead of switching it up and, imho, making it sound worse like in other mixes.

Great job, Virt. I gotta check out your other mixes.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02005 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Dance of the Zinger"

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