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[April fools!] OverClocked ReMixanator Release!

Kenogu Labz

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Won't this thing kinda mess up the whole OCR community?

People will just create and submit mixes from this rather than making them themselves. The site will be overrun!

Whoa what!? No more remixes fro individual artists!? No more remix Albums!?

What the fuck is happening to this site!?

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Needs more slap bass.

Other than that, I am supremely happy that I can now just focus on doing original music instead of these remix things.

I mean, sure I will once in awhile for some fun, but this really helps with a lot of the hard work and effort I had put into my remixing over the years. Absolution Comes in Dreams? Well, the dream finally came and so did I.

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I see a lot of people bringing up issues of their favorite source tune or style of music not represented in ReMixinator. You guys need to remember, programming this kind of stuff is pretty difficult. It took us a long time to figure out all the algorithms to make everything work properly; I'm talking 2-3 years. This has been in the works for quite a while.

Right now we're content with what we've managed to accomplish. Dynamic generation of ReMixes is a huge feat, especially ones that conform to the NJM (Neural Judge Map). Adding new sources and styles is going to take a LOT of time for us. We can't just slap some crap together; we're trying to approach this as scientifically as possible.

In any case, don't worry. We do have plans to expand ReMixinator, and there are more exciting things on the horizon that I can't really talk too much about. All I'll say is that our Algorithmic Synthesis System might have caught the eye of a couple of very powerful people in the industry, and that there could possibly be an ocarina and a green hat involved.

But you didn't hear that from me.

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with this new tool I will rule the remixing community at will!!

Fools! you will regret having released such powerful tool into my hands!!



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I also have it on good authority that Konami are planning a remake of a much loved classic - word is that the music will be entirely generated by ASS.

You do not have it "on good authority."

We don't have any kind of deal in place with Konami, and we haven't been talking to them about anything.

Please don't spread false information. :whatevaa:

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Jazz isn't just about an upright, guitar, drums and an organ you know.

Obviously the ASS has just been released, but I would like to think it'd be pretty hard to handle a genre (and the thousands of sub-genres too) that you didn't particularly care to program, or did not have an expertise in, amirite?


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Like I said in irc...

Remixinator is a broken release. You guys should have beta tested more...

Somehow, the guitar is generating "Terra" in my "Schala" mix. wtf?

Way to go staff >:(

It works as designed. Terra is so popular on the site (the #1 most remixed song) that the ReMixanator has calculated that most users, do indeed, want some Terra in their Schala. Personally I can't wait until we get Brinstar Red Soil going (Q2 2011).

BTW, I can't tell you how glad I am to get the monkey of judging duties off my back.

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