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OCR02067 - Chrono Trigger "Pipe Dream Mystics"


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Jade sent me this when bLiNd first finished it and since then its been a staple for my itunes.

Great build up, fantastic source, remixed in a creative way, amazing production... this one ticks all the boxes.

bLiNd has pretty much been bringing out masterpiece after masterpiece for the whole time he has been on ocr and he just ups the anti again and again.

I just can't wait to hear what you come up with next man. Keep up the fantastic work.

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Excellent work. Reminiscent of the old days. Your "Meteorave" mix from Stafox is the first song I ever listened to on OC ReMix. I remember because it was just posted and it caught my eye when I clicked on a link from vgmusic.com to this site. That was way back when OCR was blue. Anyways, good job on this mix and good luck in the future.

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This is certainly not a mix that I expected from this source. It's amazing. As usual.

There are mixers that play with all sorts of different styles to match a source. There are those that simply stick to one style and find sources that work with it.

Then there's you - taking a style and applying it to sources that don't seem like they'll work and make it work. Great work on this one :smile:

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Um..... yeah. While I am going to get slagged for not liking this, I'm still going to voice an opinion on it.

As excited as I was by the prospect of bLiNd doing more CT (even though his other CT mixes haven't been that great compared to his other stuff,) I was disappointed by this.

Maybe it's the fact that it's a boring genre, or the fact that even though the interpretation of the source is pretty good, the rest of the mix sounds like most of what else I've heard from the sightless one, but it's just... meh?

Sounds like snowbound crossed with... I dunno. One of the star fox remixes? Not only is it a sound you've done before, but one you've done better. At first I though that the age of the mix was probably the cause (even though Jade Catacombs is also old) but have no clue. It's not like this is from the formative years.

I don't feel the usual expansiveness in the sound choices, even from older stuff (White Skies kicks the pants off this in that department, and Jade Catacombs sticks a 10 inch stiletto down its throat and makes it beg to be whipped more,) or the magic of the original.

So, basically: This is well worth a direct post, is still a strong take on a well worn track, and is even original in that regard. But it's not a very good bLiNd mix. It's not a bad one, it's like I've been fed one of those good butterscotch pudding cups at a five star restaurant. I know that the pudding is good, and that I will enjoy it, and have even had a diet of just those pudding cups, but I know there are chefs that can do much better and have in the past.

Again, I know it's an older mix, but it's not ancient, or from the formative bLiNd. Yeah....

I guess it does come down to the genre. Music like this is meant to be played with the bassline amped up like crazy, and to be on Ecstacy dancing until cardiac arrest takes me.

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no, i'm not going to slag you down...i agree 100%. bLiNd, you've done better. It's not bad, but honestly, the interpretation is not well suited to the source. That comment is of course opinion, but I stand by it. Well done, but as M_Y said, I want a higher class dessert from a 5 star restaurant.

second guess: I may go out on a limb, and I know I'm making a presumption here, and I apologize. Maybe you were working something out for another mix you're working on and this was the result of the experiment. Or maybe you were just in the mood to put some time into something but not really your whole thought. Either way, I can't complain that the result isn't a fair representation of skill. After all, a great mix isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. It seems pretty much everyone else has a shiny gold star for you. Summing up, I'd give it full points for originality and skill, a very decent entertainment value, but it's dismal, as far as personal preference...but you're not here to make me happy, are you. So keep on doin your thing. You got my vote.

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Reminiscent of the old days.

This. In my opinion, it's a bit too "reminiscent".

Don't get me wrong, the arrangement is really good, and production is, of course, pristine. However, the whole remix sounds so...old. Somehow, every single sound, every single part of it sounds like I've heard it before, making it a rather uninspired endeavour.

It's a good remix, but for me, it's just a bit too bLaNd.

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Ah, yeah! Real trance that goes hard, just the way I like it. bLiNd knocks just about every ReMix out of the park, this one included. Hard beats that hit with force, some good breaks, solid and constant energy that puts a dancy feel on it.....you really can't go wrong when you have all the pieces in place. And something else that bLiNd does really well is the length of the track, which is perfect for trance. Great job.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02067 - Chrono Trigger "Pipe Dream Mystics"

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