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Sega just called OC ReMix out...


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Eat this, SEGA! I just about finished my PICO Sailor Moon S remix!


(Check 3:08 for the longest version of the source... the sounds get in the way, but it's possible to piece it together throughout the video provided).

...No seriously, I did a remix of that song, and I'm sending it to LT in a few minutes. It's actually pretty damn good, TBH. It might not get the fast track, but it'll be posted sometime, I hope.

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...about having 0 Sega Pico OC ReMixes. :'-(


Say what? They can't do that to us! There's gotta be something we can do:



Someone make a passable Pico mix and we'll fast track it. Bonus points for a mix from either Ecco Jr. and the Great Ocean Treasure Hunt! OR Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation: Hiragana Katakana Kakechatta! (or anything)


My first reaction is "the hell is a Pico?"

My second reaction is "We're taking dares from Sega? Srs?"

Good luck to anyone who takes this on. From what I've seen, it's a cool concept with really lameass games, but remixes could be entertaining.

Don't panic, I got this.


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If you're all gonna talk about Pico remixes, fine.

If you're gonna make requests for songs, we have a forum for it.

A 'challenge' is no different than a request. The Hurry!! thing was a fun, one-time thing, and this is cool because it's from someone actually connected with Sega, but if you guys are just going to post "do this game, do that game, I challenge you!" that's all just very silly.

In other words: please stop posting requests in this thread.

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