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Permission to use your remixes for Extra Credits outro music -- (PMs and emails to follow)


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** A lot of you guys will be getting PMs and/or emails from me about this soon, but I figured I'd put this out here in advance. **

Anybody here who's seen Extra Credits knows that I always use a remix for the end credits of each episode. I do so partly because I like giving the show some musical variety, but largely because I like giving OCR (and the remixing community in general) a free plug wherever I can.

Up until this point, I've just been using remixes in a whimsical fashion without contacting you guys in advance, and I've heard no complaints. But the Escapist would feel a whole lot better if I were getting personal permission before using the music (and, honestly, I should have been giving you guys that courtesy anyway).

So! This is a public request to use you guys' music for our outros.

Again, I'll be contacting you all personally anyway, but I'd like to start compiling a list of who's work I can and can't use. So just post in here and give me the YEA or NAY!

Thanks much, fellas (and ladies)! Again, apologies to all for not making the effort to do this before.

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Just wanna drop by and say that the EA marketing episode is... legendary.

And yet they marketed Homefront by staging a mock protest against Koreans. It's very upsetting and re-enforces the stereotypical depiction of a 'gamer'.

Keep up the good work.

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