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OCR01333 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Prayer"


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Wait, turning up volume... is that crying in the very beginning? It makes me sad =(

At 1'57", do I hear you doing a wee bit of backup singing for yourself? If so, yes please and thank you! Otherwise, I guess it is a recording fluke, and nice subtlety, that you might want to try for in future endeavors!

- A better sense of climax. Though I don't feel that was as necessary in a piece like this, it is something I should keep in mind for the future.

I would dispute this! At least for any Japanese or otherwise Asian-esque song! The importance of climax is an artifact of Western culture.

Eastern culture (i.e. Japan's) is largely rooted out of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. In both cases the world is a continuing cycle of rebirth. In fact, in the case of Buddhism, nothing ever dies or is born, as it contends everything to be a pattern of energy - nothing is an actual thing, but simply complex patterns of motion that ebbs and flows, even us! The patterns that constitute a human is simply able to have perceptions and ideas which are themselves simply flows of energy... well anyway. This is quite different from a belief in Creation (intro), life(climax), going to Heaven(anticlimax), etc.

Naturally this philosophy would work its way into their daily life, and would be reflected in their music. Listen to the real classics of theirs, and you'll hear it. They don't have big climaxes like we do, sometimes none at all, sometimes lots of little periodic ones.

I think I shall attempt to meditate with this music at some later date.

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Damn that's beautiful. You have a wonderful voice. That is the voice of a siren. Please don't lure my ship and my sailors to their deaths. Please I beg of thee,mercy! You have a very wonderful voice. I would come to your rocky island just to listen to it...i would swim so my ship didnt break up and cause many a men their deaths. I would listen to you forever. So nice...::stares with a glazed expresion...::so nice...

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I just remembered what song the synth reminds me of.


You have to wait until 7 seconds to hear it.

I truly do not think anything was stolen, but it does sounds almost exactly the same. Its too off-chance to hear this song, and then think about remixing a Zelda song and just happen to fit the synth into that Zelda song. Just thought it was interesting.

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When I first heard this, it knocked me flat on my ass! I had to listen to it again! I always loved the ambience of the music from the Forest Temple, and she took it and added her fantastic vocals to it! I think that if this was the song used in the game, I would have never gotten through the forest temple because I would just find somewhere green and quiet and listen to it the whole time! This is most definately one of my favourite songs ever, let alone remix. Keep up the absolutely breathtaking work!

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I thought this was "Overclocked ReMix", not "Overclocked sing in foreign over the top of some videogame music"? This is nice, though. It's nice and chilled. And the vocalist is pretty good.

But you know what this reminds me of? Nu-RnB. You know, like, the stuff where they take some background music from somewhere else and sing over it - and the tune which they're singing in sounds almost as if it's been improvised.

Okay there are changes in the background music, though, I actually think that it would have been better without them. The Forest Temple music is a FANTASTIC, atmospheric minimalist piece which I feel is somewhat overlooked because of the symphonic qualities of the other songs in the game. The take on it here is nice, and the idea of turning it into a song with vocals really appeals to me, but the new instruments and synths added into the background music kind of degrade it, and kill it's atmosphere, as they're very digital sounding, which eat away at the original's quite acoustic, wooden, pseudo-natural sounds. The new percussion is VERY nice, though.

The choice to sing the lyrics in Japanese reeks of pretentiousness to me, though. Yeah, the vocalist can sing. Pretty damned well. But I think this song could have been much more of a killer if it was sang in the original language of the writers (the writers of this remix, not of the original piece) because the Japanese just comes across as pretentious and silly.

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I'm sorry you feel that way, DistantJ; the Japanese wasn't meant to come off as pretentious. As a classical vocalist, I sing more often in other languages because most opera and art song repetoire comes from Italy, France, Germany etc. So I guess it just felt like second nature.

I chose Japanese for this mix for a couple reasons:

  • I didn't want the lyrics to detract from the overall ambience of the piece. Since they are supposed to be sung from the point of view of fairies, I was going for a mystical quality, and Japanese is a language most people on OCR probably don't know.
  • The original composer (Koji Kondo) is Japanese. ^_~
  • I've been studying the language, and also some Japanese art song, in preparation for a performance I just gave in Japan. Mixing in it = more practice, and fun!

I hope that gives you a better understanding for what I was trying to do, even if you still don't like my choice. ^_^

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DistantJ, everyone's entitled to their opinions about this remix, but is it really necessary to attack the artist like that? You made some very rude and incorrect comments in that post:

I thought this was "Overclocked ReMix", not "Overclocked sing in foreign over the top of some videogame music"?

This is a bad attempt at being clever. I thought it was supposed to be Overclocked ReMix too. But then you comment about the new instruments and synths degrading and killing the atmosphere of the original mix and that contradicts your above quote. This isn't the original mix, it's a remix, and therefore is going to have different instrumentation and feel to it, in whatever style the artist wants.

The choice to sing the lyrics in Japanese reeks of pretentiousness to me, though.

If you checked out the artist before making this statement, you'd find that Pixietricks has a more than adequete understanding of the language and culture to merit singing in it. But she's already stated that, more eloquently than I care to. If anything's pretentious it's your review, in which you clearly don't understand remixing.

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I am really happy that someone decided to remix the piece from the Forest Temple. I fell in love with the music there, and tended to take my time in that place.

I love the singing, even though I don't understand any of it, I can see what the artist was aiming for.

It's far less distracting from the atmosphere and feeling when I don't have to try and figure out what the lyrics mean.

And I hope I'm not intrusive, but I followed you to this forum, Princess, which led me to this song, and I'm so glad I did. Now I have another favorite in my playlist. Thanks again.

p.s. I noticed that my boldening of words got a little out of hand, so I'm gonna see if I can keep it to the necessity.

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Yes, id be interested to know the lyrics too.

Im not a big song downloader, but i must say that of those i have downloaded, this one is at a tie for favourite.

I love the mysticism this song generates. I can close my eyes, and listen to it and i can be somewhere, walking through that forest, feeling the eyes of the faeries on me.

Ive always believed that what makes a good song is one of 3 things.

- Either it can change your emotion, and make you believe that you were in that mood all along.

- Or it can make you absorb the words and feel like you can relate and understand, almost like you lived the story.

- Or finally, it can transport you to a place, wherever it is our minds choose, and you can fully believe, that for just a few mintues your there, and the song fuels that feeling. What happens when your there is altered and changed with the beat and speed of the song.

That last one is exactly how i feel when i listen to this song. I wont bore anyone with the details of where i escape to when i hear this song, but it makes me want to listen to it again and again.

I seriously hope you do some more remixes Pixietricks!!

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I love how people are still going on about the pretensiousness of japanese like...9 pages later. No one DESERVES to be able to sing in japanese. If you can sing in japanese, sing in japanese when you feel like it. While I find her pronunciation to be...like an english person speaking japanese, which bothers me, it doesn't make her less worthy of the language.

Meanwhile, I'm sticking with my original story, that while pixie has a lovely voice, it doesn't make up for how long, repetitive, and otherwise unimaginitive this turned out to be...But who really gives a crap? Everyone starts somewhere.

p.s. poofy reviews abound in here. "I love how magically you manage to flirt with the ideas of mysticism and flowers and pretty shineys! Give me your pancake!" Carebear central.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01333 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Prayer"

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