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Mystery Science Theater 3000


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So, I don't know if anyone here actually watches the show, but I'm slowly getting into it. I want to get my girlfriend to watch it as well so I'm putting together a "best of" list via other lists on the web.

1. Do you like MST3K?

2. Funniest episode?

P.S. I'm fine with the subjectivness of it all. I'm just seeing which names pop up the most.

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I can tell you that myself and a good number of OCR staff members are huge fanatics of MST3k. You'd be surprised how many quotes from that show get thrown around at our meetings.

I don't have a single favorite episode, but I have two ones that will always make me smile:

The Puma Man (S9E03)

The Final Sacrifice (S9E10)

Other top runners are: Escape 2000 (S7E05), Prince of Space (S8E16), Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (S8E22), and Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (S10E03).

Also, you should definitely check out Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax. They are Joel's and Mike's respective MST3k-esque projects that are ongoing now that the show's been over for a while.

Edit: HOW COULD I FORGET TO LIST JACK FROST?! (S8E13), such a godawful foreign movie. Also The Giant Spider Invasion (S8E10).

Edit edit: Yeah, I guess you could tell that I'm more of a Mike fan than a Joel fan. Don't get me wrong, Joel is great, I just like Mike's energy and silliness more.

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I have a lot of fond memories watching MST3k when it was on Comedy Central. I still like it - and I wish I could afford the episode collections that keep coming out.

I will go a little further than your two-item list.

Funniest episode? That's debatable between any two MST devotees. I'll give you a couple of favourites, and let you check them out for yourself. Plenty of clips are on youtube to hunt down. I'll link to one of my favourite clips of all before I end this post.

Episode #301 Cave Dwellers - The mighty hero Ator takes on an off-camera giant velour serpent (that growls!) and other dangers.

Funny moment. Joel: "Why is she limping?" Crow: "Because she's got an arrow in her chest." Joel and Servo: "Oh I can s-- huh?"

Episode #303 Pod People - Alien creatures arrive, befriend a young boy, and kill a bad pop band.

Funny moment. "Trumpy, you can do stupid things!"

Episode #820 Space Mutiny - Star Wars without budget, plot, heroes, or pretty much anything.

Funny moment runs through most of the movie: Mike and the bots constantly think up better names for David Ryder, this film's excuse for a hero. "Big McLargehuge." "Plank Chesthair."

I also want to warn you against some episodes, especially if you're trying to interest someone else in MST3k, because aren't the most accessible movies. Among them:

Episode #424 "Manos": The Hands of Fate - Considered one of the best MST3k shows, it is among the slowest and most banal movies of all.

Episode #515 The Wild Wild World of Batwoman - Not only does this film not know what it wants to be, it does nothing very well. It's so bad that the host segments, where Mike and the Bots return to the bridge of the Satellite of Love, have abandoned it completely in favour of the much more entertaining Cheating short displayed at the start of the episode.

Episode #323 The Castle of Fu Manchu - Despite the presence of Christopher Lee, this movie is dismal. NOTHING HAPPENS!

The original cast say that the first season isn't very good, so I would say watch some later shows to get a better feel for the show.

Personally, what makes this show for me is the short that sometimes precedes the film. This link to the Truck Farmer short (seen in Episode #507 I Accuse My Parents) is among the best.


BTW, Level 99 reminded me that Episode #910 The Final Sacrifice needs to be seen for you to get your daily recommended allowance of ROWSDOWER!

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I've watched a few, and quite enjoy them, though my family doesn't have a lot of patience with them XP

I liked the episode "The Great Gila Monster" (Season? Episode? idunnolol) or something like that. Leg Up!

And the one where the kid gets an alien gun attached to his arm and Roddy McDowell randomly appears. That one was cool :)

PS Mike? Host the show later, I guess? I only remember seeing Joel, but I could be wrong (I'm not a fanatic by any means :P)

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Just echoing a lot of the recommendations in this thread. My favourites are as follows:

Cave Dwellers

Space Mutiny

The Final Sacrifice


Warrior of the Lost World


Prince of Space

Star Force


Santa Claus [aka Santa Claus vs the devil, it is a christmastime tradition of mine to watch this]

Blood Waters of Dr. Z

Um I guess that's a lot, but all worth seeing :)

Zerothemaster: I like both Mike and Joel. Joel always seemed kinda gloomy but his humor was great, Mike's more cheery but still just as funny.

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Oh god, The Final Sacrifice... definitely worth a watch, just for ROWSDOWER and this:

(movie text) SEVEN YEARS LATER...

Crow: After the credits?

But yeah, it's great. All these recommendations are great.

And I'm surpised Stevo's the only one to mention Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

It has friggin' Raul Julia in it! XD

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I always thought the Godzilla and Gamera episodes were some of the funniest, but part of that may be because I was so into kaiju as a kid.

212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon

213 - Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

302 - Gamera

304 - Gamera vs. Barugon

308 - Gamera vs. Gaos

312 - Gamera vs. Guiron

316 - Gamera vs. Zigra

I wish to concur with this suggestion, and add 909 - Gorgo.

A couple friends and I get together every month or so to watch a few MST3K episodes. It's awesome to see just how long lasting of an impact Joel, Mike, and the Bots made on pop culture.

And remember:

Keep Circulating The Tapes!

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I haven't watched much lately, but I used to collect and watch a good many of them, including the very earliest (KTMA). Most of them make me laugh a decent amount, and smile quite a bit throughout.

None have ever made me laugh so hard and so consistently as Manos. Pod People would be a fairly close second. I also highly recommend pretty much *all* of the Shorts.

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