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For those of you awaiting a break-down of which songs appear in this excellent mix, here is what I heard:

1:15 E1M1

1:40 E1M4

2:20 E1M5

3:10 E1M1 (reprisal)

I get the feeling that first minute isn't just original material, but I can't quite seem to place it.

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The intro I found kind of disturbing, likely due to it being so late (1:37am) and I'm about to go to bed. Usually these kinds of things don't bother me, but once the music kicked in I was fine. :) I liked the guitars and everything! The only problem (for me) with this remix is that I don't think I could listen to it on repeat forever like the previous two songs. This will go in my Music Collection on my hard drive, but I wish it was something I could have on repeat without being in some rare mood. Still, good stuff! :)

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So great. The use of the original riffs is awesome. Its really cool to spot the originals from the midst of this metal mayhem. And the use of the synth bass with the original songs´ guitar riffs is really inventice and sounds awesome. A great tribute to great tracks. Me likey...

It seems OC Remix is really going Doom-crazy these days. (wink wink, nudge nudge again..)

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*Massive Headbanging*

Wow, this would be a perfect live song. The intro builds up the tension, and everyone is waiting to see what happens. Then, the guitar kicks in, and the pit explodes! The guitar has a damn good sound to it, what kinda pickups is in it? And for that matter, what amp is it?

Awesome song, it really inspires the metalhead in me. Great riffs, some wicked licks in that solo, and a cool intro. And, best of all, it sounds polished and professional. Please, can we have some more?

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Trash metal of industry. The arrangement is quite amazing; absent of repetitions, good variation of the original tracks. Has some atmospheric noises that I liked on beginning, like screams and such. Something awesome happen at 01:12, At Doom's Gate Theme was decently played. Instrumentation of high quality. And "Purgatory" is a perfect and creative title for this mix.

Great job.

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Hey guys!

Thanks a heap for the crit! I guess that I have always been a large fan of OcRemix and I just wanted to do something a little bit different.

To answer some questions about the rig:

The guitar is a home-made, 7string, aluminum hollow body, 26 fret beast which I tune down a semi-tone. As for pickups, there is a Dimarzio Evo7 in the bridge and a Blaze7 in the neck.

I used my Fender Blues Delux amp with a Marshall Guv'nor distortion pedal and recorded it with a Shure 58 and a Marshall MX 550.

I had great fun doing it and I think that OcRemix has done a great job over the years making Game music quite popular. I cant wait to send of my next one!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01385 - Doom "Purgatory"

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