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OCR01419 - Paperboy (C64) "Smooth Delivery"

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Oh man oh man has Myth Naz come a long way in his style and flow since "Phoenix Down? Party Up!"

I have this to say for him: Myth Naz was and still is the Shakespeare of rap lyrics... even when his early rapping efforts made him sound like a white boy with bronchitis. I thought that the lyrics for PD? PU! were truly inspired, and these are no less awesome.

Speaking of PD? PU!... now that you've honed your rap voice, you gonna redo it again sometime?

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Robo dude kicks ass. Freakin hilarious.

I was surprised Mythril sounds like a white dude instead of the big black bouncer he looks like, but I have to admit his voice matches the flow of this verse perfectly. This is chock full of awesome. I would have liked it if somehow this tied to the game content, but I guess rapping about throwing papers and being chased by dogs doesn't present a lot of material to work with. In any case, sweet groove, sweet mix.

paperboy. You best get your ass up out his way. Indeed, robot dude, indeed.

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I love this for the most part. The only thing that bothers me is your flow on specific lines such as in the last verse when you say "You must be ashamed, cus I stole your name." I feel as though you took too long to rap the second part of that line and it sort of ruins the whole ryhme flow that you were previously on.

Also, I think the mix could've done with a little more bass. This is simply a minor personal gripe though.

However, entertaining rap tune. We can never have too many of those. Props

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I love the ridiculous lyrics, and teh beetz fit the paperboy mood perfectly. All of the instrumental backing is pretty awesome. I don't have any problems with your voice, but there does seem to be a few icky slips here and there. Noticeably at :45 and 3:18, for example. There are some pretty impressive parts, especially 2:06-2:30. The doubling and the sustained notes could have used more work/takes.

Nice work, Benton Quest. You just need to rework Hyrule Session and submit that.

Obscure reference +1.

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Great show, fo' sure, foo. Stop the rap hate, begin the rap flood. A mixture of old-school rap with old-school gaming is a sure win. Quality work with fluid lyrics and that cool black-sounding vibe.

Launch all zig

Fo' rizzle, PriZzle. This is some cool shizzle, Mizzle Nizzle.

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