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OCR01420 - Super Metroid "The Mother Is in Control"

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The greatest thing about this remix is that it captures the metroid feeling perfectly. Exploring wierd and menacing worlds... It does the job of recreating that experience extrmely well. For a moment, my mind slipped back into SR388

Also, inserting HAL's voice into the mix is pure genius. It reminds me of Adam from Metroid Fusion... "I know that you were planning on disconnecting me, and that is something i cannot allow to happen"...

It sounds totally Metroid. The Mother IS in control.

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Very nice. Compares favorably to Brinstar Dreams in Red, which is saying a lot because of the similar style and the amount of talent that was behind that one.

You mentioned the guitars sounding repetitive, but I think their problem is the constant fretting noises everywhere. Shoulda slid into those notes instead. (RIGHT, VIG???).

Also, I thought even given the genre, the intro was a bit long. I thought the lowfi synth used for the breakdown at 3:15 doesn't do a lot for the piece. A breakdown there was definetly necessary and well timed, but I would have liked to see some variety in the percussion or just a straight guitar solo instead. You should have probably thrown in one more interation of the melody there at the end, too. The song just ends too quickly.

I would have also liked a greater incorporation of the "B" section of the melody. Its use here is pretty limited.

Excellent production. Nice Work.

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I agree with Bobwillis. Just in case you're a n00b, Revolver, being compared to CotMM is a very good thing. But this stands on its own 2 feet. I love good crunchy industrial, and this does something I particularly like. You maintained a sort of brooding sound through the entire mix, like you were about to bust into some earschplitten chorus at any time. But you didn't. That feeling is exactly what Metroid feels like, if you know where I'm going. Anyways, excellent mix.

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I really liked this remix. The pacing, instruments, and arrangement gave a very uneasy, chaotic feeling to the song. The song evoked the feeling of a lone person fighting a huge battle in a foreign, alien world. And obviously, as we all know the source, such a feeling matches the game well. I could definitely see this being played in the background of System Shock 2. It has a very lonely, frightened, yet brave tone about it.

I was a little worried about the ending, as I heard it start to fade out. Fading out works very infrequently with me, and I don't think this song was one of those that benefited from the use. Fortunately, the fadeout only was for some instruments, as more took over the lead. However, I think perhaps simply letting the instruments stop one by one would have been preferable than to simply cut them all down at the same time as it was done here.

Regardless, this was a great remix, and definitely going on my playlist. Superb work!


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You posted an earlier version of this in the works in progress forum, and you said that it was a finished work and you weren't going to submit it. I really liked it though and saved a copy. Every time I listened to it I would think "With just a couple fixes here and there, this could definitely pass on OCR, and I could only hope that you had changed your mind, or just said you weren't going to work on it anymore so it would be a surprise, or something like that. And now I had almost given up on that, and BAM! there it is!!! You did an awesome job with this! <deletes his old copy of the previous version and saves this one to all playlists>.

I had a few pieces of advice and critique when you posted the other version on the forums, but this....

This is beyond critisism in my mind. It must have taken alot of effort to go back and change things like this in a work which previously seemed finished. But that's good remixing. REALLY good remixing.

8) Awesome stuff 8)

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As one of the few who has tackled the style, I am quite pleased to see more industrial remixage on the site. Definitely quality stuff here. Very nice balancing of the effects vs the percussion vs the arpeggios vs the chunk guitar and so on. Very nice buildup throughout the overall piece too, pulsing in and out, getting a bit bigger and heavier each time. That's hard to pull off without it going overboard, so good job.

Only 2 small notes of constructive criticism... 1, the melody line. It was always "behind" the groove. I was really hoping that atleast once it would take the forefront via a screaming lead, or an electric guitar solo, or even in some manner of distortion of the original flute sound, but... nope. Didn't happen. Ah well. And 2, the ending seemed just a tiny bit anti-climactic. At first it sounded like it was fading out, and I was like "what?!" ... but then it kinda mellowed out and died out with some soft melodic stuff. For a piece like this I dunno, I just kinda felt like it needed a loud "boom!" at the end, or atleast one last powerful chunky guitar hit or something.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents. Again, I'm very happy to see more industrial mixage on the site. I wonder if this will make good driving music? I'll have to find out.


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Holy shit. This is one of those remixes that come out of nowhere from a newcomer that just ends up kicking your ass. I freaking love this.

I second that.

And it really starts kicking at 2:00 :P

Amazing submission indeed ! Hope we get to hear many more remixes from this one.

This is so true. This site needs more industrial mixes of this quality. Great job, Revolver. :o

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I really enjoyed this. While listening, two different visual analogies came to mind that helped bring the piece to life for me. The first time I listened, the industrial hiss and crash sparked the mental imagery of some gargantuan creature breathing heavily. (Mother Brain, perhaps?)

The second time, especially with the 2001 quotes mixed in there and the white noise clearing and later returning, it felt like someone was slowly flipping through different radio stations that were all playing variations on the same theme, producing a creepily awesome feeling.

Whether you intended any this or not, I was very impressed with the piece.

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