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Time's End: Majora's Mask Remix Album

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Loving the preview tracks. Majora's Mask was probably the most profound gaming experience in my life, glad to see it getting more respect in recent years compared to its initial release, a lot of people missed out on it back then. Also loved Crystal Flash and this is sounding even better, can't wait to hear the rest!

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I've even seen posts on tumblr with pictures of fake tweets from Nintendo implying that the countdown is for a 3DS Majoras Mask remake announcement! Awesome.

But oh my god this was always my favorite Zelda (I grew up with it instead of Ocarina, forever sealing my fate as being raised wrong) and I absolutely can't wait for the music :D

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i just listened to it once. i'll have to write something more in-depth later but for now...majora's mask is easily my favourite soundtrack ever, i used to listen to both discs of that thing beginning to end. it wasnt just that the music was great, but i think simply by virtue of the kind of game it was, the soundtrack very explicitly had a kind of narrative to it. not only are these brilliant arrangements (zelda's lullaby - genius) but imo youve achieved a higher level of arrangement here, these are the colour of majora's mask

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I just want to say that in the first couple of hours of the release, I've had 155 hits on my website. The most I've ever had in a single day due to any of my writing publications was 145.

I fail as a writer :puppyeyes: I should just give up and become a permanent Theophany contributor.

In all seriousness though, this album is amazing.

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The site says pay what you want, but the bandcamp says 50 cents. Don't get me wrong, I'm no cheap bastid when it comes to supporting friends' music when I'm into it, but these are remixes. :-o

"This album is a free gift to fans and a tribute to one of the greatest games ever made." :whatevaa:

Free FLAC can be found at http://kngi.org/mirrors/Theophany-TimesEnd-MajorasMaskRemixedFLAC.zip

I believe MP3 links are coming.

Crystal Flash was not sustainable as a free download via Bandcamp, hence the 50 cent minimum on both releases.

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