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Enemies that made you laugh


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What are some goofy enemies that youve run into during your years of gaming? ridley wings make you giggle? koopas face got you lolling? post it here!

one such enemy for me is the Ghirofelgo from shinra mansion in final fantasy 7. aside from looking like a mutant fabio, if you damage him badly enough, he keeps falling off the rope hes swinging from and will try to get up but fall again.


also solt and peppor were two of the most enjoyable enemies in chrono cross.

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The "Funguar" enemy from FFVIII was called "Fongo Ongo" in the german version (and the japanese one as well) which sounds really funny if you speak it out loud

And in the really strangely translated german version of Secret of Mana, the "Ghost" enemy was called "Horrorwindel" which roughly translates to "diaper of horror" in english

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Unbaptized babies in Dante's Inferno. They were supposed to be horrific, and when they're coming at you it's kinda scary because they're all bladey and stuff.... but they're just so adorable and an army of babies coming at you is silly, and they make funny noises. And they get vomited out of giant boobs, which is also pretty funny.

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As cool as XCOM was, it was buggy as hell. I managed to kill a sectopod, more or less the toughest stock enemy in the game, at point blank range with my last troop using only a pistol. The pistols only do 1 damage and the sectopod has like 30-40 hitpoints. My troop only had 1 hit point left so I figured "screw it, I'll just go die". But no, for 30-40 turns, the sectopod always missed with its powerful beam weapon and I killed it from full health with the weakest weapon in the game. There's no way it was just chance either. The various kinds of bugs and errors in this game is just sad. I hope they patched it.

I swear they didn't even play-test the game.

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There's a difference between goofy enemy design and those that make you laugh because they're actually funny. Just by nature of having more fleshed-out personalities, a good number of bosses can be the latter. Here are a couple.

Fawful (Bowser's Inside Story)

Booster (Super Mario RPG)

Ghirahim (Skyward Sword)

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Booster was my favorite new character in Super Mario RPG.

"Drink punch...? Eat cake...? Sounds... complicated."

Echoing the Negative Man/New Age Retro Hippie/Earthbound enemy love.

Some of the stuff the guards used to say in Perfect Dark was pretty great. Like "bloody stupid gun!" when it would jam or "You BITCH!" when they'd die.

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