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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Now that I think about it, it makes sense to assume that there will be tournaments that determine the style you have to play with, possibly forcing us to learn them all at some point.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses; therefore I think that the advantages/disadvantages of using each control scheme will reflect the characters themselves. I wouldn't throw out the possibility of the Wii-mote being more effective with some characters than the GC controller.

Ever heard of Urbanfreeflow.com? Oh and leave Skating games for that kind of stuff.

Funny you should mention these two things in the same post. With all their endorsements and publicity and media coveraged (especially the media part), U$F is helping parkour go the way of skating. If only you knew how poor (not literally) the Vancouver parkour community has gotten because of new focuses on aesthetics and impending sponsorships. Anyway that's a whole different topic.

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Hmm... well, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll talk about online gameplay modes sooner than later. I'm not gonna hold my breath though, but here's hoping.

The Notice section? Hmm, probably the release date? Or like you said, when it'll be delayed. Hehe.

I bet this game will be out in November. That's my guess.

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yeah, I'm pretty sure the hype over this game would make it sell just as well as if it was sold around Christmas time.

Lets hope Nintendo doesn't pull a Ken Kuturagi and say

"oh, we're so sure that people will buy the SSB brand name that all Brawl really is is a box with a cool holo-foil cover.

Online play? Lol!"

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nice guide, Illiterate. you have a good idea with making a part of the guide as an accompaniment to Linkology. when i first got into competitive smash, i played link and the first thing i did to learn some advanced techniques was watch Linkology and practice until i could do everything shown in that video. but i had to search around for explanations of how to do it all, so this will be great for SRKers first getting into smash.

here are a couple nitpicks i have with the guide so far:

While there are barely any guaranteed combos in Melee, some of the biggest ones belongs to Link.
this is very wrong. look at sheik, fox, falco, marth, falcon, ic's, etc. characters like these have tons of guaranteed combos. link has poop combos.
yet he doesn't have that edge to him that the top tier characters have, like not having an easy to hit spike and not having too much priority.
it's mostly that he gets combo'd to death and back by pretty much every high-tiered character, and there isn't too much he can do to them.

also, though i found out that link was low-tier right away, i had hope that it wasn't too bad, and i would be able to cut it with link. but a while later when i got smash experience from outside of my town, i found out it was completely hopeless, so i dropped him as a competitive characeter. i dunno, just throwing that out there /scratches head

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If Aniki can beat Ken with Link, anyone can beat anyone with Link

There also really aren't many gaurnteed combos in smash, a lot of it has to do with making it up as you go or doing what you like to do. With Link, the grab combos actually work once they're in, every time unless your opponent has a very quick recovery

But yeah, still working on it, thanks for the advice

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I dunno, the few times I've tried with sheik it was ridiculously easy to string a combo together with her without really thinking about it at all. Other characters aren't as easy, but there's short ones you can have in mind for later use.

But eh, I'm a Yoshi player, my thing is juggling and annoying people with eggs, which I guess could be...really short pansy combos if you look at it right.

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