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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History


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This video was posted back on the first page, and I'd like for it to be seen again. I'd be happy to pair up with a remixer and do the vocals for this track (see my remixes on OCR for examples). It'd be hella fun.

I was going to do the vocals on that, but the guy working on the music disappeared...

I always thought a metal remix of that would be totally awesome. With all clean vocals, and maybe subtleties of screams in there. Of course, I'd better finish my OWN track before I start fantasizing about sweet ideas.

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I was actually a bit thankful not to have to go through with it. I thought the lyrics were hillarious for being in the game, but, outside of the game, I'm not a big fan of them. Call me old fashioned... that and there were few places I could record it without being concerned about offending people that might be going by...

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How did I not see this sooner!?

Okay, so I don't really have a remixing setup that's 100% solid yet, meaning I'm not sure when I'll be able to contribute, but I will say this...

I would LOVE to see a remix of some of the "boss"-ish tracks from the ORIGINAL Super Smash Bros.; Those tracks were vastly underappreciated, since for whatever reason Nintendo/HAL went mostly towards epic orchestral(-ish) in Melee and Brawl.

Some links:

(Metal Mario)

(Polygon Team)

(Master Hand)

I'd love to contribute to a rocking rendition of any of these. I play bass, though it's anybody's guess whether it'll be of a decent quality or not.

Oh, idea. Would anyone be up for trying to take the Master Hand theme and adding original lyrics to it? I had some ideas in my head earlier, but nothing's sticking together. I just want to get this out there so that I've committed the idea to "paper" (work with me here) and hopefully won't forget.

Feel free to PM me with any thoughts, unless it's along the lines of directly contributing to these ideas. I don't want this thread flooded with fruitless discussion along these lines :-)

Oh, and before I forget: Props to The Joker and whoever your predecessor was for conceiving of this idea; it's absolutely brilliant. I hope this succeeds!

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So... I've been back on the horse, riding hard (wait... that's sounds wrong)! Anyway, I've been contacting the guys on the project, & have yet to hear back from some of you. I need an status update on tracks, & need some sort of word. So far the guys I need an update of are:




I just need some sort of progress report soon. Send it to either me, or pu_freak.

Also, we could use a few more mixers & track! So, yeah, jump in 'dis MuggerFogger!

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