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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History


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I think part of the problem is also that many of the projects want OCR quality. Now, I'm not talking about letting something that sucks to high hell go through, but having the project bar in the same position as the OCR bar kind of cuts out potential remixers who might have been interested, yet don't meet what's expected for this place. And thus, you're limited in who would and wouldn't be able to take part.

Now why did I think about SM64 Project?

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Now why did I think about SM64 Project?

Probably because I was involved with it many moons ago. But rest assured, my post held no reference to past events. I'm not the sour grapes type. It's simply a matter of fact that putting such a requirement in place limits the size of the pool you wish to draw from. And as someone else mentioned, when you keep drawing from that same pool for virtually every project, the artists get overextended, and the projects they had been a part of start falling behind due to the artists doing the same because of a lack of time/interest.

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I'd hate to see another boss music project bite the dust. I was part of the "UnMod R Bad Men" project back in the day, and it was basically the same premise... boss themes. It was going along alright until the whole sidebar thing hit. Then the project makers took it to unmod.org. There, it died a slow death over a month's time. It sucked, because some cool themes had been chosen, and it was moving forward.

I'd like to see this attempt at the same thing come to fruition, and not whither away. If it has to be put on hold for a time, then so be it. But hopefully it won't simply vanish. Having the same fate take the concept down twice would suck.

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If this project were to come off the ground again, Id certainly be interested in taking part. If you'd like to hear some of my better productions, send me a PM and Ill show you some samples of my more recent work. I've gotten a lot better over the years.

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So let me understand what the plan is in terms of the tracklisting. Are you going to keep it the same? Add in more? Make it more up to the remixers to submit boss themes they'd like. Myself, I like almost every boss theme I've ever heard, and I really hope I'll get myself together remix-wise once I graduate in may, so it should be just the time to submit. Let me know what you plan.

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So I apologize for not reading the previous 109 pages. I've read the latest few at least, and it sounds like the project needs fresh interest?

Anyway, I'd be interested. Whichever way we decided to go - picking our own boss theme and submitting it (which makes the most sense to me) or choosing from a predetermined track list.

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I'm available to the project for quality control, as a provider of critique (I'd be happy to leave the actual gatekeeping to others, though). You guys seemed to be impressed of my crits on the Tales feedback thread, and seeing as this is a project that's going to have a fresh re-start, it would be exciting to be able to provide crits from the beginning. I'd sure love to remix as well, but I can commit to QC.


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The Boss Themes Project Volume 1


BadAss Volume 1 is now locked in! We're this much closer to unleashing hell on an unassuming populace! Can you feel it?! Can you hear it?! Thats the sound of Ass kickery of a magnitude previously unheard of! We're gonna change the OCR remix project game!

So, yeah, Ass Kickery!


The reason for this project is to make an album that celebrates the awesomeness, as well as kick-assery, of the Villains of the games we love. Why, you might ask. Simple, I'd respond, ”Cause they're badassed, that‘s why.” Boss & Mini boss themes, Mini Boss Battle themes, & Villain character themes are the order of the day. Other tracks from the respective game can also be added to add some flavor, as long as the meat & potatoes are the Bosses theme.


Although I'd like to allow a wide range of styles for this project, I'd like to keep it in the dark, aggressive territory. A spiritual sequel to Dark Side of Phobos, in a sense. I'd like anything from ominous, creepy ambient trip hop (like Akira Yamaoka), to aggressive rock, to bombastic pounding orchestral, to fight electronica (kinda like TCM or Prodigy), & genre mashes filled with awesomeness. Basically music that sets the stage for ass-kickery (hardcore style).


So, track selection is open. You can choose any boss theme, from any game, even if it's not listed. To reiterate, if you want to do a theme that's not listed, let me know, & based on how good your wip is, I'll add it. No one is a sure thing until I or a another coordinator (at a future date) tells you, which means even if you get a track up, if someone comes along that's a bit better, then, we have a old west duel. Best "shooter", or in this case track, wins. Best in this case not necessarily the most pro sounding, but the most creative & evocative of the project. Also, access to the Boss Themes sub forum at http://www.kngi.org/phpbb3/index.php(it's a new urly). You know you wants it!

Project Director: The Joker

2nd Unit Director: pu_freak

BadAss: Volume 1

01. pu_freak - Master of The Blades(Final Fantasy 5 - Gilgamesh)

02. RoeTaKa - The Curse of Yamato (DMC3 - Vergil)

03. The Dual Dragons - Routine of War (MGS4 - Laughing Octopus)

04. Big Giant Circles - Duel of the Apes (Donkey Kong GB - Donkey Kong)

05. Arcana - To Slay a Butcher (Suikoden 2 - Luca Blight)

06. Lashmush - Light Out (Link's Awakening - Shadow Link)

07. Skummel Maske - All Existence Denied (Final Fantasy 8 - The Extreme)

08. Jago - A Daring Escape (Mega Man 3 - Wiley)

09. Chernabogue, Nintenjoe 64 - The Belmont Revolution (Castlevania Series - Dracula)

10. The Dual Dragons - Astaroth's Awakening (Shadow Hearts Covenant - Astaroth)

11. Nutritious - Real American Hero (GI Joe NES - Boss 1)

12. Rozovian - Dragonfood (Metroid Series - Ridley)

13. Mazedude - Saren's Prayer (Mass Effect - Saren)

14. Brandon Strader - Dreams of Death (FFX - Jecht)

15. Sixto - The Shredder (Turtles in Time - Shredder)

16. PrototypeRaptor - BadAzz (Final Fantasy 7- Sephiroth)

17. Kidd Cabbage - The Sound of a Thousand Voices Screaming in Unison (Final Fantasy 6 - Kefka)

18. The Joker - The Last Dance (Kirby Series - King DeDeDe)

Volume 2 (Confirmed WIPS)

Confirmed WIP

The Joker, Luiza - Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie)

Level 99, pu_freak - Baby Bowser(Super Mario world 2)

DJ Mokram - Nemesis(RE3)


Theophany - Molgera (Wind Waker)

Danton F - Boss Theme (Super Mario RPG)

Protricity - Boss theme (TMNT)

Monobrow - Claus (Mother 3)

Demonstray - Gateway to Destiny (Eternal Darkness)

The Vagrance - Sigma Battle (Mega Man X5)

Snappleman - Final Boss (Romancing SaGa 3)

bustatunez - CP Violation (HL2)

Jose The Bronx Rican - Phantom (Thunder Force IV)

Monobrow - The Doctor (Cave Story)

norg - Ganon (Zelda Series)

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So, yeah, Ass Kickery!

as well as kick-assery,
music that sets the stage for ass-kickery (hardcore style)

And I thought the older project was kick-ass! :mrgreen:

I hope this one gets completed, cause on paper this has the potential to be one of the most violent album ever known to man.

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I love the idea of a boss theme project, but I don't like the way you're approaching it.

90% of all video games have a boss of some kind or another. It's pretty much a staple of all games in popular genres today. To me, this seems like a great opportunity to remix boss themes from games which haven't seen daylight here at OCR, and to focus on different themes rather than boss characters, especially those from very popular games which have likely been remixed several times already. If I were you, I'd expand the project to something ten times this size and start pulling in

from all over the
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requires some more...

Earthbound - Pokey Means Business

Live-A-Live - Pure Odio

Rudra no Hihou - Battle of the Last Enemy ~ Final Conflict

Golden Axe - Death Adder

TMNT (NES) - Mini-Boss music

Double Dragon 2 - Boss music

Streets of Rage 2 - Max Man

Bahamut Lagoon - The Last Battle

Contra 3 - Boss Theme


but yeah, aside from my own selfish desires this is what I like to see. not just sticking to one single game and doing the WHOLE soundtrack, but rather taking what's good from several games and focusing on that.

NEWSFLASH :: typically a whole soundtrack is not worthy enough of getting remixed. there ARE exceptions though... like The Magic of Scheherazade. lolololz

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