A Tribute to the SNES by the OC Jazz Collective

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Hi everyone!

I thought I'd post a thread in here to make it official that the OC Jazz Collective is currently working on their second ABSOLUTELY FREE OC Remix Album! The entire crew from Chronology returns to bring you some more jazz, this time in the form of a tribute to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. We've got some new faces on board as well and as per usual are open to arrangers who would like to submit their arrangements for us to record! Currently we do not have a working title for the album but we will keep you updated with this thread as we progress! Looking forward to bringing you more music!

-Currently seeking visual artists!
-Currently seeking arrangements! 



XPRTNovice- Alto/Soprano
Anthony Lofton- Tenor Sax
Sir Jordanius- Trumpet
John Stacy- Horn/Trumpet
Fratto- Trombone

DrumUltima- Vibraphone
Nostalvania- Piano
Andy Pearce- Guitar
Jay Yaskin- Bass
Wiesty- Drums

John Stacy
Jorik Bergman


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On 1/14/2018 at 10:12 PM, Wiesty said:

Just putting the word out that this is NOT DEAD.....Wheels are turning. 

if you guys need another arranger, well, i love the super nintendo and arranging

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