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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

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About Rise again, Robot Masters! The year is 2018, and the battle for musical supremacy returns! Bring your phattest beats, your wailingest guitars, and other superlatively described musical e

I didn't see anything from Esperado, so Chalis makes 16. Alright, fellas. I'll run the draft sometime this week and we'll get started with the first round this Sunday.

aww, i just saw this. i absolutely would have participated. i need to visit the compo forum more often.

On 7/24/2018 at 3:58 PM, SuperiorX said:

Well, well, well. I haven't made music in 4 years, but I've been itching to lately. I'll probably regret this, but what the heck. Here we go:

1. Ground Man

2. Metal Man

2. Fake Man


Any idea when this is going to start?

Ground man is the ~best~ robot master theme. Excited to see old school homies getting back in the game! 

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1 hour ago, Ethan Rex said:

Ground man is the ~best~ robot master theme. Excited to see old school homies getting back in the game! 

I remember when you had it in the WCRG 13' bud!

I'm thrilled with my matchup, I'm a big fan of Shade Man's theme too. I have a couple of busy weeks between work and travel, so I'm going to have limited time to dedicate to this, but I'm excited to see what I can come up with!

FUN FACT:  I remixed Shade Man once, 15 years ago, in ModPlug Tracker. It was terrible :lmassoff:

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Fun fact?.. I'll tell my story.

Joined OCR in 2010 and watched MM compos untill 2015. That year I descided to take a part and... my life changed extrimly. I became a dirrector and started to live at work.. Forgot about OCR and family. Now I'm quit and joined MM compo.. I'm scared..

EDIT: I never had cutman. The only tune I really love from MM.

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37 minutes ago, Mak Eightman said:

You... I hope I'll pass all the rounds to face YOU! And when I'll beat you down you going to finish that SOR project

Now we are bringing some fiyaaaah!!  

Honestly that thing has been something I've wanted to complete ever since I first came to OCR.  Life has been turbulent since I became a traveling therapist but i am about to have some free time opening up and would like to restart it again. 

But yea. Last round buddy. Hope you get there cuz...

I'll be surprised if I make it to round 2. :p

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Mmm, I'm lovin' the energy in here - glad I'm participating this year. TBH I haven't seen people getting excited for one of these like this in a while, so maybe we'll have some really full brackets to vote on next week. 

Can't wait to see which RM I'm gettin' next week, seeing that mine is contested with another user on here. Well, if I don't get Windman maybe I'll be matched against the person that does get it - would be pretty funny if that happened.  :P

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Well if it helps contextualize this a bit, take a listen to some of the past competitions on here (like 2010 & 2011), and check out how they integrated the sources. Also, while not strictly called for, a good rule of thumb on handling the sources would be to pretend you're writing it for OCR - that is, make sure either of the sources are recognizeable for at least 50% of the track (either in the background or front & center). In 2011, for example, I did a funky arrangement where I pulled from plenty of alternative sources (including Schala, for shits and giggles) - but I made sure the sources I needed to include were there for at least 50% of the track. I'm certain if you want to do some more original writing you'd be alright as long as there's about half of your arrangement where people can recognize the sources somewhere.

Aside from that, go nuts - whether the source is in the background over something more original or if the sources are more front and center, as long as they're there. Just realize that this is being voted on by regular people and not necessarily judges, for better or worse, so I suggest not being TOO subtle with your sources. If people feel like you're not really arranging the sources and instead going on your own rail that could impact the vote (even if you can prove that you're subtly using the sources). Of course, time stamping in here wouldn't hurt your chances if you feel it's pretty subtle, so hey.

Hope that helps a bit!

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