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OCR01533 - Final Fantasy VI "Allfactory"


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Well played, Eliot - awesome samples, complex beats, great production... wicked as usual. I also really dug the hints of Kefka in there! (Unless I'm totally crazy, but it sounded like there were!)

I hope Montreal is treating you amazingly, if you get back in Winnipeg, send me a note!

Happy Holidays!


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Wow, striaght away I'm amazed at the depth of arrangement of all those industrial sounds. The layering here is exceptional. I'm glad to see that you haven't let the incorperated sounds interfere with a decent arrangment aswell. Much love to the original track. Those power ups and downs are such an awesome touch, they really give the feel of a break down and a rebuild. Synth work is great aswell, some great textures you've created there.

Highly Recommended.

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The arrangement is rad and the concept is jawsome and well executed.

But the fact that you changed the bass line really didn't blow my skirt up.

The rad chromaticness of the original bass line is what made it so fat. You went the full step instead of using more of the half-steps to keep it that funky, phat bass line.

I'm all for changing notes and chords that please my ear more, so I don't discredit. I'm just bummed, because if the bass had been more true to the original, I would have loved this instead of just liked it.

Glad to see you back, though. I love your work.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01533 - Final Fantasy VI "Allfactory"

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