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OCR01534 - Phantasy Star IV "Twilight of the Millennium"

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Holy shit. I wasn't expecting this one.

Awesome work. I'm glad to see that multiple previously-uncovered themes were included, because PS4 has such amazing music, well-suited for an orchestral setting. And this is godly.

I might be asking you some questions a little later in the future, Vampire Hunter Dan. About PS4 and orchestral stuffs and projects. You know, the usual.


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Run for your life jeremy soule VHD is back in town!

No seriously though I've heard lots of stuff from Dan, and every new piece always amazes me. The fact each one seems a lil more polished than the last.

Also the fact he always includes about 800 songs in his mixes, and makes everything seem so seemless is friggin amazing. From a remixer perspective the composition on this astounds me.

Great stuff all around.

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The only reason I clicked on this remix was because it was new. I have never played Phantasy star, and was thinking this would be just a blow off song to listen to.

I couldn't be more wrong.

Upon getting less than halfway through the song, I decided that this was worth my time. Listening to it a second time, I decided that I needed to keep it. Listening to it a third time I decided that it was my top 5 count. I'm afraid to listen to it a forth time because I like all my final fantasy mixes at the top of my list.


You have my praise, and my gratitude.

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to you, VHD, I give my sincerest gratitude, awe, and respect.

I have been a fan since "to times once forgotten" and since than, your music evolves, learning lessons from the previous ones. and going places in which many fear, and few fathom.

only one word can express entirely what your music has done for me: "Bravo."

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The production on this one is simply amazing; it sounds awesome.

Despite being quite long, this arrangement never gets boring. There are fast parts, slow ones, powerful ones, quiet ones...lots of variation going on in here. If I had to pick a favourite part, I'd say it's the crescendo beginning at 5:01. The energy in there is simply amazing.

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Great work on this, there's a lot of excellent themes woven in, and some great malletwork in the percussion. It starts out slow and tranquil, but dang, does it ever pick up into something really rousing.

The builds are excellent, and the woodwinds lend great texture to everything.

Great transitions, nice changes in feel, and tons of details.

I agree with meccaneer. Get this man an orchestra. :-)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01534 - Phantasy Star IV "Twilight of the Millennium"

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