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What's this about more avatars, I'm seeing a few more, but not the gigantic pile of avatars the sitehelp thread had. Any idea when those will be implemented?

All the new ones are there. In your user profile control panel, there's an "edit avatar" link. You currently have to sort through many pages for each category (anime, video games, tv/movies, other), but there are TONS more available.

Just for reassurance:

The tiny text thing will be fixed.

The links will be orange again.

Thread rating will probably be disabled.

Icons/smilies will probably return to normal.

Just gotta wait a bit.

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Change your forum skin in your User CP. There's one called "OverClocked ReMix" that's like the last one.

And I find I myself using the default skin again because it's the only one that gets rid of the sidebar. :(

What about Rama's skin?

If you don't want the dark skin you could always just keep the sidebar removal part and get rid of the rest.

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Whoa, this is different. Apart from having to do certain stuff manually and the fact that I no longer have my Cloud avatar, guess I'm not too annoyed. Will take a little getting used to but that shouldn't take too long.

EDIT: Aha, found the avatar, just took me an annoyingly long time.

That took me a while too. It was on page 8. I actually like the default style better than the ocr one. Anyways, I'm not going to pass any judgments until I use this for a week or two.

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