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Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber - History

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You can take me off "Co-Coordinator." I haven't been able to put the time into this that I should be, given that title.

With that said, I do have a good "almost-done" version of Staff Roll and Fishy and my Koopa's theme has been done for about a year and a half now. :)

My Cave Dungeon WIP is about 4 minutes long, but after listening to it again, I don't really like it. :|

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I was really looking forward to this as well. Quite a few projects on my favorite games of all time list are in hiatis. Could we get a new WIP date for this? Maybe that will get things going again. Thanks, peace!

Don't worry, Fishy and I have actually been discussing this project internally lately. We're working on closing it out.

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Portrait of a Plumber

Project Coordinator: Nutritious

Previous Coordinators: Fishy, Sole Signal

Project Founder: POCKETMAN



Electric Concerto


Sole Signal





Sir Jordanius

The Coop

Brandon Strader

Theory of N




Tuberz McGee

- - - - - - - -




- - - - - - - -

Track List

Medley - Mikeaudio

Title Theme - halc

Main Theme - prophetik

Slider - Sir Jordanius/G-Mixer

Inside The Castle Walls - Sir Jordanius

Dire Dire Docks - Fishy

Lethal Lava Land - Nutritious

Snow Mountain - Electric Concerto

Haunted House - Fratto/Nutritious

Merry Go Round - The Coop

Cave Dungeon - Sole Signal

Piranha Plant's Lullaby - Tuberz McGee

Metallic Mario - Brandon Strader

Wing Cap - halc

File Select - Argle

Koopa's Road - Nutritious

Koopa's Theme - Sole Signal/Fishy

Ultimate Koopa - Scaredsim

Staff Roll - Sole Signal

Main Theme - ToN

Edited by Nutritious
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At this point, my focus is going to be to get this album finished out in a timely manner while maintaining a high quality level.

I only have one thing to say to this: good.

Best of luck down the final stretch. I'm very happy to see the majority of the long-running projects seeing more signs of activity these days.

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Yo, so what we have on this project so far is too good to let a few slackers hold us back. What with ff9 being passed on to me not too long ago (which is huge in scope compared to this) Justin kindly offered a helping hand. He was one of the first guys to finish so he's really determined to get this thing done so don't expect to get away with slacking y'all.

Let's do this.

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