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OCR01558 - Super Mario World "Monstrous Turtles!"


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Wow, this is really awesome.

I like the calm intro and the build up though around :35. The string stabs at :37 along with the synth at :47 work well together.

The big organ at 1:15 really brings the total kick-butt-edness to the top.

ZOMG direct rip of the sound effect at 1:44, I love it!

From there it calms down and the bells come in. At 2:13 the "Phat" beats come back in and back out momentarily 2:32 for a little bell riff, The guitar comes back in at 2:51.

The final chorus at 3:10 really left me wanting more of an ending, but the song just stopped. It may have worked well with another slower song, but it just built up and WHAM! that's all.

But other than that, it's an awesome song!

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This owns face.

Admittedly, I'm one of the nerds who was listening to the teaser that zircon posted in the WIP forum, eagerly waiting for the finished version - and it completely delivers. Love the trademark Elfman-esque bells during the break. The synth guitar gives me goosebumps.

Please make music forever. :P

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This underscores all of the reasons why I came to love this site in the beginning and since. You would listen to and love it without knowing the origins, yet a universal nostalgia is interlaced everywhere and really lays the foundation.

This is a powerful piece. Now, where is my copy of Super Mario World?

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Man, what you've done with this song is incredible. It's hard to find dark remixes that are really well-balanced, but this one pulls it off great. Most remixes with a dark theme tend to come off a little too strong and exaggerate the darkest parts of the song, but fortunately this one doesn't have that problem. :)

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Truly a powerful well-balanced Dark remix of the Castle tune in Super Mario World 1.

I could easily Picture this as it plays: Dark clouds seen from Bowser's keep (first thunders) as seen from the Mushroom kingdom [0:00 to 0:30] then Mario Going up That same Keep quickly jumping through the dry bones and Twhomps et all...[0:30 to 0:50] then opens the Final Red doors and Fight Bowser [1:05]As they fight Bowser Is winning over Mario and And Final Have the open hand then throws his unconscious (or dead?) body out of the window(1:45) as she slowly falls(slow-mo), his inanimate body can be seen bruised, broken in a puddle (rain), back against the Keep stone wall his now Torn red cap soaked with mud.[1:55] Means while having triumphed Bowser Prepare his army call them to arm in a hall, the minions get ready...[2:12]and Starts to march towards Toad town under Bowser's eyes atop his keep. [2:20] While in Toad-town everything seems normal but...[2:30].....[2:40]A strange storm (or is it smoke or dust?) is coming toward Toad-town. [2:40]Not it's Bowser's Army! [2:48] Toad-town is in flame it's citizens are heartlessly murdered... Then At Peach Castle...[2:50 to 2:58] same bloodshed but then a familiar Conquering silhouette can be seen approaching the throne room's door and opening them wide as thunder clap and rumbles through the windows![2:59]Peach tires to Run away from Bowser's grasp yelling in fear of the End coming nigh! But obviously Fails as Bowser, with an evil grin, [3:08] Slowly lift her by her throat and her legs struggles in the air, in vain.... And, by an high windows with more thunder and slowly but surely,[3:17] Bowser Strangles her, till death....[3:30]The Smoking ruins of Peach castle and Toad-town can be seen with Bowser resting on his right knee proudly next to His flag about the rubbles of the ruins as fire and thunders and rain can be heard and seen...The Epitome of Evil... GAME OVER[3:29 till End]

Someone should render this Visually by Flash or IF not Full 3d *chuckles*

*bows deeply* My Respect You are Truly A master! *grins*


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