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Beatdrop earns spot on Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2


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Actually, from what I've been told, it's to be used in the next arcade version of the game (Supernova 2) as well as home versions, likely PS2 and Xbox 360. I'm as excited as everyone else. Looking forward to finally having a reason to memorize a song.

As for the DDR clone which was mentioned, it's still in the works, but almost certainly going to be finished, and that features a whole bunch of my stuff, including some songs from 'In The Dark.'

I'm starting to get used to receiving envelopes in the mail from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Got one today that returned my copy of the contract with the CEO of Konami's signature on it. Pretty surreal.

Thanks, everyone.

Ah, sweet. I'm really hoping Supernova 2 is a lot better than Supernova, and I really hope they at least make your song a 9 footer :P

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oh man, looks like supernova 2 was set to be field tested in the US as early as the end of this month (although it got canceled, but still that's pretty soon) so it looks like we'll be seeing this song in an arcade fairly soon


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Oh my god. This is the fourth thread of someone's success. I HATE YOU ALL. Really though, congrats so much Beatdrop. I can't wait to get owned by your song.

Who's representing us out in the real world?

1.) Beatdrop (DDR Supernova 2)

2.) Pixietricks (Civ4 expansion)

3.) ???

4.) Profit?

(No, really, who?)

Seriously, OCR is going to become a factory for music masters of the gaming industry.

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