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I cried when Aeris died...


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I was actually kinda happy Aeris died... I never used her and when you get forced to use her the little bit before she dies i just left her dead and beefed up my other guys more. But after i figured out she was actually dead and no phoenix downs were gonna do anything i got kinda sad.

However, the end of advent children was kinda misty eyed-y. It was pretty well done.

------------ Possible BioShock Spoiler----------

I did however get misty-eyed at the very end when you save all of the little sisters. I had spent like 6 hours straight playing it and finally got to the end and was already quite invested into it and the CG ending got me. It was very well done, i didnt really feel like i had that much emotionally invested until the point where all the hand animation things kept happening... if you catch my drift.

------------- Possible BioShock Spoiler Over---------

Oh yeah, I forgot, the legend of dragoon, which wasnt that great of a game, but when that... green guy dies in the middle of the game, that almost made me cry; he was my best guy.

But yeah, those were really the only 3 games that got me emotionally attached.

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*spoilers ff5*

I cared a lot more about Galuf. And he got to die in a much cooler fashion. The fight was sweet, even if it was scripted.

I remember the "cliff's notes" version of that game.

Butz: I'm a dude.

First girl: I'm a princess

Second Girl: Y'arr, I'm a pirate.

FG You're my sister

SG I'm a pirate princess

Galuf: I'm a grumpy old guy.

Bad Guy: You die

Galuf: No

BG Yes, die now.

Galuf Ok

*Galuf dies*

Galuf's daughter: I'm a princess too.

Butz, ok, kill me now.

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Now, Final Fantasy 4 evoked some emotion in me when I was a kid. Not just sadness, but all kinds. The prologue near the beginning, that shows the two moons and Baron castle with the Star Wars text scrolling, combined with that awesome music - It really hit me in the chest. It really put me in the game and I thought "Wow, this is incredible".

And the ending, which was so happy and sad at the same time, that really hit me. I'd say that game has effected me more emotionally than any other game. I was 9 or 10 tens old. I was impressed.

This pretty much sums up my experience with FF4 also. It was my first rpg and I was also pretty young. I mean, some of your characters actually "died" in the game. There hasn't been a game since then that's impacted me emotionally near as much as this one.

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Yeah, I didn't play Final Fantasy 7 until a few years after it came out, so it was already spoiled for me. I just never got attached to her since I knew she gonna get off'd by the end of the first disc.

Also, the statute of limitations is up on this game. Everyone ought to know this by now.

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