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IS Blood on the Asphalt the soundtrack for SF2HD?


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This is just speculation but I think OCR's own Blood on the Asphalt could be the soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. There are two things that contribute to this possible idea.

I'm like 99.9% sure that "Made in USA" is the BGM heard in this video.


Music is fan driven. Interesting.

I would personally love Blood on the Asphalt as the soundtrack for Street Fighter HD. I can just imagine Murder Instinct playing in the background when you face Akuma.

Whether it is or not is still just speculation. What are your thoughts?

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Please don't contact Capcom regarding this; their usage on the blog is legitimate, if a little premature.

While nothing is official yet, we HAVE been talking with them, and there's a possibility that OC ReMix will be involved with the SSF2HD project. Again, at this moment in time, nothing is signed or 100% certain. Hopefully that will change in the following weeks.

At this moment, we're coordinating things and I'm the single point of contact with Capcom, with Shael and Malcos remaining informed every step of the way. We planned to fully inform involved mixers of the potential once we had something more definite in terms of contracts, but the cat's at least partially out of the bag now.

Again, nothing is definite yet, and we really don't want to risk anything that would jeopardize the potential for OCR to be involved.


- Please don't contact Capcom; my contact there, who is the decision maker, will simply refer you to me.

- Please don't treat this news as anything other than a possibility; nothing is signed, sealed, or delivered at this moment.

- Please don't contact me, Shael, or Malcos about participating in the project; most tracks are accounted for and we're already handling those that aren't.

Obviously, this is a huge opportunity for the fan mixing community to participate in what looks to be a badass game, but at this point in time, we don't want to do anything that would jeopardize that opportunity.

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though really good, i think it would be odd to fight with chun li's remix playing for the bgm

I believe the guy being interviewed said that there would be a normal and remixed soundtrack, so you should be able to choose. I may have heard wrong, though.

And "I don't fight boys" is like my favorite song

so STFU!

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