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  1. Please forgive me, but could you clarify your post? I'm having difficulty parsing your meaning.
  2. I did a lot of experimentation with what I could do with foreground/background sounds. 2:22-2:33 is supposed to be background stuff. Should I make it more distinct? I could clean up the reverb a bit, possibly spread it out a little with panning. Thank you for your thought.
  3. In 2010 I started work on a video game. It was going to be a SNES game made in the same style as Tales of Phantasia. The visual style was going to be similar as far as environments and backgrounds go, but the character and enemy designs would be done differently. For this game, I had a synopsis completed that was actually somewhat solid. I had a small team that would work on the project. We were all dedicated and would work in our free time, since we were also young and money wasn't the biggest problem yet. I had myself working on writing, music, and sound design. My sister, who is a professional artist would do character and enemy design, as well as a little bit of other visual assets. I had two other artists who would do other visual assets. I had 3 programmers, and a few other people. The team wasn't the biggest, but it was a little smaller than the team that worked on Super Mario World. We also weren't aiming to make a game really quickly. It would be a process we worked on over 5-10 years, since it was on a volunteer basis and used as a fun project to learn new things about game design. My sister had already worked on manga, and did work in that style, so this would be a project in animation. The programmer had already worked on games before, and is actually a successful game designer now. At the time he had only worked in small scale 2d and 3d games, but never a large scale 2d game. I had never done a full soundtrack. The project was declared a failure when the team left the project. It wasn't apathy that killed it, the people were dedicated. It was things like having to take on a second job because of hard times, taking on more responsibility at school, other things like that. The team gradually thinned out until it was just my sister and I. At that point, I started two side projects that would allow development to still happen and things to be done, but not directly in the development of a video game. I would flesh out the story and add much more detail, to make it able to stand on its own. I would convert the story into a novel and a manga. As I got to writing, the story stopped making sense since there were suddenly a lot of holes to fill in. For example, the journey from one side of the world to the other took a while in game time, but only a sentence in novel form, and was very dull and uninteresting. By converting it into a novel, the story changed significantly and I started to enjoy where it was going. However, there was suddenly a huge hole in the middle because what was there originally no longer made sense. It is here that I got stuck, and I haven't touched the story much since 2014. What I have here is the prologue from the novel. If I fill in the gaps, I could finish this novel somewhat quickly, however, lack of time, motivation, and other things have caused it to fall into the land where things never get finished. I am posting the prologue here to see two things. One, if my writing is worth anything, and also to see if people would be interested in continuing reading. If you are interested, message me and I'll send you more to read. Click here to read a pdf of the prologue. Thank you for reading this long write up, and also if you chose to read the prologue. I am open to suggestions if you have any thoughts as to what I should do with it.
  4. It's also worth bringing up that the playing field is equal, however, some DAWs do some things better than others. Most of them do different areas of functionality well, and some areas very well. Reason I bring this up, I have used Logic since 2011, and am switching to Reaper. Logic does really good midi work, and Reaper does not as good midi work, this is something that quite a few people agree with. However, I'm moving away from using midi altogether. If I use it, it'll be very limited in scope, since I'm moving to using live musicians much more often than I used to. Reaper is better about working with audio than Logic is. I come to this conclusion at the suggestion of people, and also by my own experimentation. So, it really depends on what you are wanting to do, how you manage your workflow, and which DAW does which things better.
  5. 99%+ certain that it cannot be used as a VST. It is a standalone DAW. It isn't free. There is a 60 day trial period that you can evaluate it for, after which you would have to purchase it. However I have heard that the trial period doesn't actually run out as far as the program is concerned. You can save stuff and come back to it later. Basically, if you could use it as a VST, I don't know why you would want to, since you would have to spend a bit of time learning how to use it, and then you would have a lot of redundant functionality. Switching to Reaper from Logic, currently.
  6. I'll take people who can contribute somehow or another. I'll also take a trumpet player. Won't object to one.
  7. I was talking with people in the discord, and the idea came around to do an album in the style of Trombone Shorty, lots of rock, some funk, that spectrum of music. I have paid attention to this guy for quite a few years and always wanted to do what he does, then recently came to the conclusion to just go for it. I do not play trombone anymore. I used to, but it hurts my face to play it, so I don't anymore. However, I do do french horn. So the project would be in the style, but with horn as a lead instrument instead of trombone. Don't get me wrong, this isn't going to be a JohnStacy and his backing band kind of project, designed to be a solo feature. It would be a collaborative project where lead would be split between people depending on the musical context. What I am going for is something that would resemble a live album. The instrumentation would be somewhat static throughout the album, with little change. The genres would change, doing some funk, some rock, maybe even doing some metal. Genres, styles, tempos, and feels would be the variety that an album would need to be interesting. Trombone Shorty's band is the model here. Trombone, tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums. I am not definitely set on doing that. My thought would be doing horn, tenor sax, 2 guitars, bass, drums, and maybe a piano. I've also toyed with the idea of replicating T-Square's band setup where there would be 2 leads, in this case horn/sax or two horns, guitar, piano, bass and drums. The idea would be that whatever would be decided on would generally not change much throughout the album. If it's something small like adding a vocalist for a track, or another guitar, that is alright. But I would rather not suddenly go from the above setup to like...a full orchestra and guitars. However, I am open to suggestions and will accept any ideas that are well thought out. Contributors to this project would fit into one or both of two roles. Arrangers and performers. There would be other roles as needed, such as mixers and artists. What I would want is for arrangers to be performers and vice versa, but I wouldn't be against somebody contributing arrangements without performing, or people to perform and not arrange. I'm excited at the prospect of letting people really shine here. If somebody does an arrangement and decides to feature themselves on bass for the majority of the track, all power to them. I am aiming to make between 8 and 10 tracks, probably not longer than the 74 minute limit on a single disc album. However, this will be decided based on substance. If we don't get up to 8 tracks, but have say...5 or 6 really good ones, that is a good thing. I also won't turn good content away. If we end up with more tracks and have to make a second disc, I would not object. As for sources, I do not have a specific idea in mind. Rehashing some NES or Genesis classics could work well for this kind of project. For now, I'm just gathering interest. Would you be interested in contributing to such a project? Let me know in the comments below!
  8. Soundcloud Link This is a remix that is a little different than normal. It took me a little while to think of what to call this. It's somewhat ethereal and surrealist in feel due to the echo, bending, and fading in and out of parts. This is an arrangement of Protoman's Whistle Concert, or the epilogue from Megaman III. I arranged the track for 16 french horns, taking advantage of a 4 octave range from G1-G5. I finished the arrangement fairly quickly and did the recording in about 4 hours, recording all 16 parts in a single session. I then spent about a week editing it. The editing was slow for 5/7 of those days due to me being out of town and only able to work while on the road when I wasn't driving (I split the driving with my wife). The editing was quite a monster task, using many plugins and effects, and extensive automation. I am satisfied with the result. Everything in this track is created with live recorded french horn and effects plugins. Nothing else.
  9. Is there anybody from here that will be at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators) convention this week?
  10. That was not it. However, that's a pretty awesome album. Will buy it.
  11. 1. work-in-progress

    I also do trumpet, but try to avoid it if I can. I've performed in a variety of settings, including funk, so I can try to make it work. Your choice tho. Your project.
  12. The only one I remember for sure was Angel's Fear from Secret of Mana.
  13. 1. work-in-progress

    By making 2 versions you also have the ability to pool material for future projects. You can adapt the style to fit a different source and already have a lot of the work done. So whichever one you like better, use that one then save the other. I'll record anything. Always willing to do that! And i also can find you people to record other things. I have access to good players of a lot of instruments.
  14. A few years ago my composition professor showed me examples of an album that he said I should consider emulating in my own writing/arranging. He didn't tell me what the album was, and I didn't think to ask, since it was intended to be a brief little clip with other examples. Now I'm looking for that album and I have no idea what to even search for. The album had a blue cover, I think with a piano on it. It was not very detailed if I remember right, taking on a 1960s minimalist approach. I'm not sure if I remember right, but I do know it was blue. The album was arrangements of video game music done in a classical style, mostly in the modern classical style, for piano and violin I think. It was a professional album, since it sounded like really top level players recording it. The thing that was interesting about it was that the themes were molded to fit in the idioms. Forms were edited to work with conventional form ideas, and the arrangements developed themes by using original material in addition to the source theme. I've looked for this album off and on, and would really like to find it. Can you help me look?
  15. What you could do is use a standard visualizer, like what comes default in many media players. Then you can screenshot the result. I've seen many visualizers that turn it into fractals or shapes or whatever. There are many options out there!