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Found 35 results

  1. January 12th: There's an update for Sun and Moon on the eShop, go get it if you want to fix the following: Certain pokémon like Kadabra not learning certain moves when they evolve (Confusion, for instance A significant glitch during online battle where you can lose, even though the conditions for winning are met (Rocky Helmet knocks the opponent out when you're knocked out) and a few other minor things Fixing Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento during Battle Spot, which perform incorrectly Pretty much all the online stuff. Seriously, if you plan to participate in anything online, you're going to need this patch at some point For your convenience, there's even a QR code you can scan to go right to the update: Also, all the current events are now over. Meoletta is done, Munchlax is done, the second Global Mission is done. All done. I guess all we have to wait for now is Pokémon Bank to unlock and the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow to connect to it as well. December 27th: The Meoletta event is done, but we still have a few weeks (or months) to get the free Sun and Moon event pokémon. Also, there's a new Global Mission! If we get 1 million Islnad Scans by January 9th, everyone that participated gets 2017 (like the year) Festival Coins. If not, we only get 217. Also, for anyone that has a account tied to your game, you get double the coins (434 to 4034). Simply scan as many Island Scans as you get every day until the 9th. With about 6 million copies of the game floating around out there, we really only need a fifth or so of the player base to win. But every bit helps! There's even a rumor of an extra bonus if we utterly exceed the goal. Is it true? I don't know, but I'm willing to try. December 22nd: The Meoletta event is nearly over! Get yours now while you can, if you haven't already! This is the last of the XY and ORAS giveaways. Sun and Moon Events: Munchlax from November 18th, 2016 to January 11th, 2017 - WiFi Download for Sun and Moon Magearna - December 5th, 2016 to March 5th, 2017 - QR Code for Sun and Moon WiFi Download Instructions: 1. At the main screen, press a button to get to the Main Menu. It will say "Mystery Gift" under the big "Continue" button with your game info. (Please remember that you have to have played the game to the point where you received the Pokédex already. If you haven't done this yet, do so now.) Select "Mystery Gift". 2. Select "Receive Gift". It will ask you about the Communication Channel being open. Select "Yes". 3. Now select "Get Via Internet". The game will ask you to connect to the internet, select "yes". The game will now search for the event online. 4. A "Card" should appear on the screen with a small image of the pokémon in question, and some info. It will ask you if you want to receive it now. Choose yes". 5. Get your Legendary. Watch it dance around a bit the game congratulates you on getting him. It will then tell you to press "A" to exit. Go back to the main menu and choose "Continue". 6. Go to any PokéCenter in any town and talk to the guy standing in front of the counter. She will give you your new Legendary Pokémon! December 5th: The Magearna event is now live! Scan the QR code on the poké site to get yours! Remember, it's only for Sun and Moon, not XY or ORAS. November 17th: Only a few more hours until it's out. I'm heading out in the morning to get mine. I'm completely undecided: Sun or Moon? The only real difference is a dozen pokémon exclusive to each version, and the Day/Night shift. I like the look of the nights in Moon, but Sun has a lot of good looking daytime areas as well. I guess in a bout a week, this thread can wrap it up and someone else can make a new thread just for Sun and Moon talk. Until then, though, we still got that Meoletta event next month, and a week until the Genesect event is over. November 1st: Well, that's the end of the multiple Legendarys of October. Next up is Genesect, available from GameStop and EBGames stores as a code. Genesect is a revived ancient fossil that was genetically modified into an armored monster that shoots elemental lasers from the laser cannon that sits on top of its back. Yeah, Gen 5 was weird that way. October 18th: The demo is out! it's just over 3000 blocks, so it should be quick. has mentioned that characters are in the demo are talking about events in 5 days and 18 days, so it seems there are more events in the demo to come! October 8th: Sun and Moon demo on October 18th! Starter evos revealed! FOUR legendary giveaways this month! Craploads of stuff happening this month! September 26th: Victini event is over. Hope you grabbed one. Starting October 1st, Keledo will be available over wifi. Keledo is a unicorn-like Pokémon and has some Three Musketeers inspiration behind it. Also, it transforms into some sort of mini-death horse when using its special move. August 30th: Only a few more days until you can download Victini via WiFi. Victini first appeared in Gen 5, in the Black and White games on the DS. It's a Fire/Psychic type, with a solid 100 in each base stat. Think Mew, but with more burning things and a big V-shaped haircut. Victini is pretty cool. Late August 31st/early September 1st will see the event go live. One per game, just like usual. Also, there will be a new Nintendo Direct on September 1st. Could be anything, no details have been released yet. Might be Sun and Moon info, might be completely unrelated. August 11th: New video out, with lots of new pokémon revealed: There's also a Japanese version that shows more of Team Skull and more older pokémon, like Haunter and Drowzee. August 1st: Arceus event is live! Go to your local GameStop or EB Games and ask for an Arceus code card. Instructions are listed above! Also, a new event for Volcanion will be taking place. From October 1st and on, GameStop and EB Games will be handing out cards with download codes. July 24th: Bye Shaymin! Your event is over, and we may never see you again... or there will be a series of download event s for Sun and Moon. Or Eighth Gen. Or whatever. The important point is that I got a bunch of you for free. Starting on August 1st, we're getting Arceus. Known mostly for being mentioned in an episode of House MD, as well as being the creator god of all the Pokémon universe. This time, though, you have to go to GameStop or EB Games in the US and Canada. No idea what stores are doing it in Europe, Australia or any other parts of the world. Sorry. June 30th: Manaphy event is over, long live Manaphy! But now we make way for the Shaymin event, which starts tonight and carries on to July 24th. May 26th: Well, that's another event over. We are getting spoiled this year with free stuff, aren't we? Updated the first post with more info regarding the events, and instructions in case anyone needed them. See you again when Nintendo releases some more info on Sun and Moon! May 14th: Don't forget that you can get a Shiny Xerneas right now, and next week, a Shiny Yveltal! April 29th: There's an unannounced download event for Zygarde! He's the last of the Gen 6 Legendaries, a giant green snake thing with diamond patterns. He's cool and awesome and you can get one now! No news of this event was announced, so if it's a glitch, abuse it! If it's an early gift, accept it! Just use the internet Mystery Gift feature as before! GO! GO NOW!! April 1st, 2016 (Not a prank, I assure you): The Jirachi event is now live. Again, simply go to your game's Mystery Gift option, just like with Celebi. Jirachi is the 3rd Gen secret Pokémon, just like Celebi and Mew before it. With a base of 100 across all six stats, and its rare Steel/Psychic typing, Jirachi makes for some fun battling. Get yours while you can, as the even ends on the 24th of April. March 2nd, 2016: Got PokéBank? How does getting three free Legendary Pokémon sound? Pretty good? OK, how about if they also had their rare Hidden Abilities on top of it? You're happy? Good to hear. Regice, Regirock and Registeel will be free to download to PokéBank starting March 4th and ending October 31st, 2016. You have months to get them, but still, why wait? February 27th: the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon series. Nothing too big happened today... except for the announcement of the next games, Sun and Moon! So far, we only have a few images of concept art and some behind-the-scenes work at Game Freak. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you.
  2. Can't lie - Guzma's fight theme is just too awesome. GUZMA ZUGAIKOTSU (YOUTUBE) GUZMA ZUGAIKOTSU (SOUNDCLOUD)
  3. I arise from the grave because I have a neat idea for a remix of this song that, so far as I've seen, hasn't been done yet. Since I don't have the talent to do it myself, I figured I'd share the idea in the hopes that someone more proficient than me might do it. So if you've played the new Pokemon games yet, you know that each island has its own guardian deity Pokemon called a Tapu. They have their own battle theme which is literally, at least in my opinion, the best legendary beast battle theme the series has had. Here's the original Now for the idea: There are four of these Tapus: Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini and Tapu Lele. While similar to each other in certain aspects of their appearance, each one is unique even though together they form a cohesive whole (because they're known as the Guardians of Alola). Because of that, I think it would be kind of awesome if there was a remix made of this song made with only 4 primary instruments--one for each Tapu that encompasses that Tapu. So for example, this is what I was thinking (though if someone decides to run with this idea they can obviously pick whatever instruments they think fit better): --Tapu Koko-- According to its dex entries, it's known for its sense of curiosity, its ability to confuse opponents due to its fast movement speed, and its quick tempered nature even though it instantly forgets whatever made it angry. Of the quartet, it's the Electric type one. Given these qualities, the best instrument in this hypothetical remix that would represent Koko would be an electric guitar, most likely holding the melody. --Tapu Lele-- Lele is the Psychic type of the quartet. Her dex entries aren't too enlightening. In one she's said to be guilelessly cruel while in another it's said her scales restore good health when touched. She's based on a butterfly, so this nature and life-giving property to her gives off a sense of naivety. Perhaps a little airy, since her scales are said to scatter as she flutters about. So for her, an instrument with a similar airy nature would probably fit. My candidate would be wind chimes, but I'm sure there's many other instruments that would give off the same effect. She'd be like the ambiance of the remix, fluttering in and out of the song as she pleases. --Tapu Bulu-- His nature is lazy, according to his dex entries. Yet, amongst the quartet, he's also the most physically strong, both in terms of stats as well as implied in his dex entries with how he can uproot whole trees and swing them around easily. A strong Pokemon who prefers to not have to work much when battling. The obvious choice of instrument for him would be drums and he'd most likely hold the bass in contrast to Koko who'd have the melody. Probably a similar drum to what's in the original song, I imagine. One you'd strike with powerful impacts that would only occur every few beats. Type-wise, he's Grass. --Tapu Fini-- And finally, we have the mysterious Water type in the quartet. Unlike the other three who take active roles in anything, Fini is a much more passive pokemon. Although she wields great control over water, according to her dex entries she creates fog so dense that her enemies become confused and destroy THEMSELVES without her ever lifting a finger. This is reflected in her stats as well, as both of her defense stats are the highest while her attack stats are average at best. I don't know any specific instrument that would properly reflect her, but given her passive nature and her associations with water, whatever instrument would be hers in the remix would need to be one that flows like the water she controls, but is similarly passive throughout the remix. These individual elements combined would then be what makes up the entirety of the remix. What do you think? Does this sound interesting and challenging to you? I'd love to see many people try this out!
  4. Hello everybody! I recently made a remix of Guzma's Battle theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon. I really liked the theme while I was playing through Moon, which inspired me to try my hand at a remix! I'm always looking for any constructive criticism, so feel free if you have anything to say. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Here's song that I was making just for fun while testing some new virtual instruments I got. It turned out pretty good in my opinion, so I thought I should post it here and maybe submit it to OC. I've had tons of fun making this song and I hope you enjoy as well, and maybe have something to criticize. I have like zero experience in orchestral music so I wanted to challenge my self. Original song is from Pokemon Gold/Silver - Lance's Theme Remix: Red - Lance_2.mp3?dl=0
  6. This is one of my first attempts doing a remix, there are probably lots of details to check, and I would appreciate if someone more experienced could give me feedback on how to improve, thanks in advance.
  7. Hi so this is my first post here, I had wanted to submit to here for years but was way too intimidated before. Not entirely sure how to open this up really bug I do have a track that I'd love some feedback on that I was considering submitting - hopefully I didn't mess up anything in this since it's been ages since I've used a proper forum. So in the hype for the newest pokemon games this was made for a remix compilation that considering I haven't heard anything back from the person organizing it in like 2 months now, I'm pretty sure has fallen through - that being said, I really enjoy how it turned out and figured it would be good to try and take it elsewhere. I had been on a big eurobeat kick lately and considering I don't have Sun yet I revisited Black again and found I really liked the emotion piano thing and ended up wanting to turn it into a dance track. The final result ended up being a 6 minute long piece that starts out quiet and orchestral before building into something I'm guessing falls close to Happy Hardcore. Generally I'd say I'm way more confident with electronic textures than live instrument stuff so hopefully the production doesn't feel too lopsided in that regard. It's done in that I was satisfied when I originally submitted it for the compilation, but if anyone has any suggestions on it I'm fine taking them Stuff/finalized shared/Pokemon Black and White - Unwavering Emotions [Unfaltering Truth Mix] - 320.mp3 Stuff/finalized shared/Pokemon Black and White - Unwavering Emotions [Unfaltering Truth Mix] - 192 kbps.mp3 Also I'm not exactly the best with naming things, if anyone has any ideas I'm more than open to them.
  8. The Damned's Genesect (and Volcanion)Code GIVEAWAY! And with that... the contest is over. Six cards, six codes, six "winners". I use the term loosely, because Genesect is actually terrible in every way. Also, Volcanion is mid-tier, at best. Sure, they have really good stats, movesets, fun skills and can be used to wipe entire teams by themselves if use right... but they ain't no Luvdisc! The Volcanion card: Red Shadow wins! Though I should disqualify you for hating anything about Gen 3. Also, Luvdisc just wanted to let you know that the water around those parts would be bad fro your Rock-type. The 1st Genesect card: Gario wins! By default. The two sweetest words in the English language. The 2nd Genesect card: MindWanderer wins. Because I said so. The 3rd Genesect card: Red Shadow wins. I guess. Sure, why not? The 4th Genesect card: jnWake wins. He was only off by 4 (I chose 17), and the second of two people that actually guessed. The 5th Genesect card: TillyFun wins. A short haiku about a silly cat giving away stuff. I can't help but feel it's actually about me.
  9. Hello OCR, long time! This time I have a small bass cover for you(with drums too) I wanted to record it myself, but i'm still practicing, so that's a thing for the future. Anyway... Hope you like it. If you have feedback regarding the mix, balance, that would be great. Yes the sound is midi, I know, but only the bass will change. I don't have a drummer or drumset. See ya!
  10. Hey all, this is my first ReMix on here. Any criticism you can provide is appreciated.
  11. POKEMON GO - Walking - Map Theme - Pixelizer Chiptune REMIX Good Listening and give me your opinion Original track :
  12. Pokemon GO - Title Screen Theme - Pixelizer Chiptune REMIX - SEGA Mega Drive Sounds Original Track :
  13. I arranged this for 5 trumpets. Recorded with a very cute pocket trumpet. I will consider this a wip, because I'd like to get some friends to record it live.
  14. Hey guys, just finished another Pokemon arrangement, this time of the Gym leader/Elite 4 battle music. I hope you enjoy and any critique is always hugely helpful!
  15. Here's a mix of the Route 113 theme I did a while ago. I juxtaposed some very nice, airy, ambient sounds with some thumping, swung and unswung drums in 6/8 time. Route 113 is one of my favorite themes from R/S/E, so I've wanted to remix this one for a while. Let me know what you think!
  16. This is a little rock remix of the opening theme from the Pokemon anime series. It's my first remix of an anime soundtrack after making a few remixes for several videogames. I'm not the typical die-hard fan of Pokemon - but I loved the anime when I was a child. Pretty fluffy and hearty stuff with a nice touch of adventure. Some time ago I've listened to the opening theme of the anime once again which has a really decent melody I still like - and I thought that this could be a nice track for improving my virtual guitar skills. So, I put some effort into the articulation of every single guitar note. Sometimes I tought for hours about where the different articulations or playing techniques (like long played notes, hammer-ons, tappings, slides or some FX guitar sounds) might fit best within a short guitar sequence. But I got into it after some time and I think this helped me improving my music production skills a little bit - especially for creating much more realistic guitar sounds. Thanks to my really awesome virtual guitar amplifier Vandal I could give the guitar sound its totally unique style and make a decent final touch with a little bit hall reverb and a little bit more pinging stereo delay - really good combination for reverberant but also strong, assertive guitar sounds. I've also enjoyed working a bit more with velocity dynamics to bring some more life and vibrance into the track - but it's still pretty tough for me to find the right balance between the velocities of the different tracks within a song. Already a velocity value change of just 10 out of 127 can make a perceivable difference between hearing single notes in the whole mix and not noticing or at least not feeling them anymore. But I will work on this in the future. Just as usual I've mastered this remix at EBU R 128 loudness standards and used absolutely no compressors or limiters for keeping the full, natural sounding dynamic range and best possible hi-fi sound quality. So, check this stuff... Original Intro Theme: >>> -------------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.0 >>> >>>
  17. A remix I did of the Game Corner/Lucky Number Show theme from Pokemon Gold after going to Black Oak Casino (located in the California mountains) for the first time. The original song is really energetic and fun - hyperactive almost... I decided to bring the energy down and make it more chill... Smooth jazzy if you will. Anyway, enjoy! The original: Pokemon Gold & Silver - Game Corner The remix: Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)
  18. Hey all, just signed up for the site. I've been on the hunt for VGM forums to share my work on, as well as meet other artists within the community. I uploaded my latest cover today, and would love it if you'd give it a listen. It's a metal version of Pokemon's Lavender Town, played on a 7 string guitar and 6 string bass to get that lower, heavier element to it. Hope you all like it
  19. More info on my participation to the game development:
  20. Hey everyone, so pretty recently I made this 7/4 remix of Dialga/Palkia's battle thing from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I used to work in odd time signatures all the time, but with not very good sets of instruments. I kind of stopped doing odd times for a while, but really was inspired with this one so I took a swing at it in 7/4. Let me know what you all think!
  21. Hi everyone ! Here's my acoustic rendition of Pallet Town From Pokémon R/B/Y. Hope you'll like it =)
  22. Wanted to share! Pokemon fans! Check out the club remix to the "Battle Theme" from Pokemon Red/Blue. Enjoy! Free Download! If you like the music, subscribe to my YouTube, I have more remixes there! Original: My Version:
  23. I was meaning to post this here earlier but didn't get round to it. Anyway, here's my arrangement of the snowy Route 216 from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I hope you enjoy and any critique is always incredibly helpful
  24. First off, I'll preface by saying that while personally I don't think it's QUITE the best track in the game (I reserve that spot for "Revelation Mountain"), I still think this is such a great track. I think someone should do a symphonic rock or jazz combo ReMix with some rad solos---maybe guitar, maybe violin, maybe both. Any badass guitarists or jazz groups out there willing to take on the challenge? Feel free to mix in "Dialga's Fight to the Finish!" if you want; that can fit as well, as this sounds really similar. BONUS: If you want me to collab, I'd be glad to, but I'm more willing to collab with someone else on this than to start this particular ReMix first.