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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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That is snow wood from earthbound. The theme is played when you are playing as Jeff navigating through Winters to get to Ness and Paula. That is the one I was talking about. I had it in wav while he did a mp3 version.

I know how to make these into mp3s now though, so everything i upload from now on is going to be mp3.

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I'm loving all the new items in this game!


I'm not sure whether the clock is an original item or not, but it slows down time for everyone except the person who uses the clock, as shown here (at 1:47 by Marth).

Also, does anyone know of a video that shows the Shadow the Hedgehog AT? His attack is Chaos Control, but I have no clue as to whether he just stops time for everyone but the user or if he does something else.

The clock is from the original zelda. It would make all the enemies in the room stop moving.

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Snow Wood.

This song is amazing. Please give it a listen. You will NOT regret it.

edit: digging the eb shop theme. yeehaw its a howdown

double edit: also the wii channel remixes are pretty sweet

Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much. I <3 Snow Wood, I really should finish playing Earthbound...

@ Tables: I, too, picked up Fusion before any other Metroid game, and that's what got me into the series (I had already attempted Super Metroid and found it simply too difficult to keep track of). If not for Fusion acting as a sort of tutorial, I wouldn't have enjoyed the Metroid Prime games nearly as much as I have.

@ Arek: Can we get the Pokemon R/B theme? Wait, nevermind, I just saw Rainbow Road. If you would upload it, I would be forever grateful.

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Dark World is quite meh... which sucks, because the original is such an awesome track.

It's not as menacing as the original but the guitar and maracas definitely lend to it a new style. Very Wind Waker. And remember, this track is for Bridge of Eldin, so imagine gusts of wind and a orange-drenched sunset behind you and it fits pretty nicely.

As for someone's comment about including a Mario Galaxy song, I thought the best from that game were the themes from Good Egg Galaxy, Battlerock, Buoy Base, Gusty Garden. Oh, and especially Bowser's Boss music. Too bad they didn't have time to fit in a wifi-only Galaxy stage, with launch stars that shoot you around different planetoids.

Also, the Star Wolf theme just made my night. Thanks Eulogic.

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