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I don't see how you can desync the Pikmin; they're more like a sword than another character. It could only work if you could get individual Pikmin to perform different actions, which I'm pretty sure is impossible.

And the problem with tiers is that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once people start doing better with a character, it moves up the tier list, and vice-versa. For example, here's all of the tier lists released for Melee:


If you win with a low-tier, that character's not going to be low-tier for long.

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Yoshi is all over the place as the list progresses, sometimes being as much as like 14th from the bottom (top middle), and sometimes 5th from the bottom. (that's the first thing I focused on cause I've always played Yoshi since the 64, and can't seem to reach the same level of skill I have with yoshi as with other characters...or they just bore me )

The top of the list seems staticish, but some of them bounce all over the place too.

I've never really cared for tier lists, they seem to me to just be characters that are easiest to pick up and be decent with from the start even if one doesn't have a lot of technical skill.

I don't know why I posted, I'm just bored, probably nothing actually worth posting though!

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Pikmin are extended hitboxes, yes, but they also have their own hurtboxes. It means Olimar ends up with severe priority problems. Characters like, yes, Luigi just fly right through Olimar's pikmin practically as if they weren't even there. It's worse than just a priority clash, actually, because you still deal with the ending lag of the move even when the pikmin attack is cancelled out.

Luigi's Nair just extra special because the hitbox is out for like forever so Luigi essentially becomes FLYING PIKMIN-INVINCIBLE WEEGEE for the duration. Tis lulz.

I basically just ignore 90% of Olimar's attacks when I'm Luigi. I think like, I have to watch out for Olimar's uptilt or something, and like even then strong hitbox nair still beats that I think.

I does the same thing to Snake's upsmash all the time too actually. Nades aren't so bad either, so eventually they just forced to do ftilt/uptilt spam. Those moves are so broken and gay.

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On a different note, how many people have been able to beat Boss Battles on Intense? The furthest I've gotten is halfway through Tabuu before he's knocked me off screen. I've been playing with Lucas, hopefully I'll be able to beat him one of these days.

On a side-note I've got holidays coming up after exams so I'll find some time to play online if you want someone new to play. I play as Lucas, but I'll have to get back to my one-on-one style of play which has been screwed up lately because of too many Boss Battle attempts and 100 man melees.

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I don't see how you can desync the Pikmin; they're more like a sword than another character. It could only work if you could get individual Pikmin to perform different actions, which I'm pretty sure is impossible.

maybe i used the wrong word--but basically, you can make the pikmin do an upsmash even if they're ten feet away from you. meaning that if you have a purple about four feet to the right of olly, where mario just happens to be, you'll theoretically be able to upsmash him from all the way over there.

the weakness to this is that from what i've seen, they have to hit the pikmin first, and the command has to be entered IMMEDIATELY after they hit the pikmin. that's why i said they're brewing it up...could you imagine? olly his three pikmin. olly throws a pikmin, it doesn't stick and as it's walking back to him, he whistles twice and then usmashes and OH GOD WHERE DID I GO

and i've never played olly vs. weegee (not a good one, anyway) so i'll take your word for it :x

but doesn't his nair go through, like, 90% of ALL attacks? i played with him for about a month, that thing is nuts.

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when can you cats play today?

Idk, gimme about two-three weeks.

I decided to do a smash before I went to bed last night.

That which I hate most is when you find yourself doing repetitive moves in the wrong direction (such as the drilling of A: Kirby's, CF's or Sheik's punches, Fox's kicks, etc). Thankfully, that's what cancelling is for. Takes practice to control your character. Sometimes I lose control; "smash blackout"; being so consumed in the act of kicking ass that I forget to back up when the counters come. If I'm in the zone enough, I'll start to use my impulses, knowing when to do what without much thought.


IMO I did well, except for a few awkward moves (Samus' grab in the wrong direction, lol), but that happens when you're slapping the buttons and stick. Anyway, I get more competition against a real Marth player (more unpredictable, yet more logical; a human actually uses the sword counter / scary aerial combos, etc), but I can definitely put up a fight via Samus. I guess it's because he (Marth) must earnestly keep his defense from a distance as well as when near.

True, Marth can block projectiles as well as regular hits, but only one at a time. I remember testing his counter against Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. If timed correctly, it can be blocked, but it's usually not worth gambling over; Mewtwo's Shadow Balls do the same amount of damage as Samus' Blast, but they have a jagged motion. The jagged motion can resist Marth's block (it's possible to absorb the ball when blocking it), so Marth can only block it from an angle.


I'm still working on my Link (directional mistake, butterfinger grab, U-air, lol)

I'll admit, this had a couple bullshit moments, mostly because my controller has issues plus I'm fighting the CPU. Anyway, with Link, you have a good ability to catch people when they mess up or when they're in mid-move, although he is not fast. Link's advantage is his bulk and reach, but that can also work as a disadvantage.

It's simply a matter of having more than one resolution. In case your attempt to break Fox's offensive rage doesn't work, you can put him in a state where he must back up because he isn't certain to take more of a defensive stance or an offensive. Normally, a human Fox would run when Link's being juggled too long because of the good-old-fashioned D-air. I was kinda' lucky because Fox could have backed up and did the F-smash when I landed the sword. I timed it about right (coulda' been quicker) because I would be too predictable if I allowed myself to fly all of the way up and land the spike.

Currently uploading two more.

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A Marth vs Mewtwo match called "Shedding Tiers". Mewtwo has a small advantage in terms of dodging, grabbing, edgeguarding and recovery (not against Marth), but he gets juggled and has sweetstop issues. I saw what I could have done in order to not get juggled (as much). I believe my victory was based more on ability to stay in the ring than anything else.

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It's clever how peeps modify the game of SSBB/SSBM, or even the first, but I personally do not enjoy the hacks, even if they're better. Just an opinion I am throwing out.

Question: is it possible for someone with a moI am perfectly fine with winning or losing, but I don't want it to be because of cheating.

Last vid:


Samus vs Falco, kinda' tricky b/c Falco has those, quicker, smaller hits.

Also. Salluz. I'm sorry but mewtwo has no advantage in any way shape or form against marth (my edit, lol). There are many other people here who can back me up on that.

I had to edit the previous post. Of course not, lol! What I meant was regarding his own advantages, not his stats in comparison to Marth. Sorry.

No need to apologize; I'd be the first to back up your claims. I should have been saying that he can get back to the ring more beautifully than Marth, even if it's for the sake of getting kicked back out beautifully.

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No offense, but I kinda wish you'd stop hogging up all the thread space with a ton of videos that are really slow and drawn out. And how are the videos that long? Level 9s can't even BLOCK properly. You should be three/four stocking them in like half the time.

Also some of you jerks need to play me. I'm basically free all day.

You could ask politely, but hey, no big deal. I thought about it myself and decided to cut down vids to like... 1-2 minutes.

You know Mewtwo doesn't do well against Marth, so that'd be drawn out.

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