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OCR00918 - Radical Dreamers "Interdit"


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I'm a jazz musician myself, but you beat me to it as far as doing a jazz mix goes. This is really fantastic quality. And you stuck in my favorite chord at around 2:25, that minor 9. bonus points. actually, i dont really like the kind of carnivaly segment at around 4:00 but it becomes quite enjoyable again around 5:00. the drums stood out to me as being particularly sophisticated. As i listen to the radical dreamers mixes, i am starting to think that i just dont like the OST to that game. seems kind of generic to me. but that's no fault of yours, and i commend you on a fantastic mix. i want to know which instruments were live and which were synth.


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I loved this when you posted it to the WIP board a long time ago, and I still love it. The sax sample is gorgeous, and the arrangement is top-notch stuff.

Very Wicked™

Yes, as did I. When I saw it in the "To Be Posted" list I thought to myself "So he finally got it accepted.. took long enough". This should've been on the site a lot sooner, IMO.

Fucking Awesome™

</DarkeSword ripoff>


i want to know which instruments were live and which were synth.


IIRC, in the write-up, it said the only live instrument was the guitar.

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I HATE IT!!! Ha ha Just kidding. It's actually quite the opposite. Although I've only heard probably less than 20 songs on this site this is my favorite one thus far. I've always been a big fan of the sort of jazzy bluesy laidback genres that are just so smooth that you can just relax and soak it all in forget about the day and enjoy the moment. I must Say I am impressed which is very difficult to do.

| 10 | Concept. A perfect ten. The artist "Jaroban" established flawlessly a very smoothly executed emotion and flow in this particular song. I felt as though I had just come down with some form of amnesia that seemed to only target the stress areas of the brain. I'm sure it may have something to do with the fact I haven't heard this type of music since my trip to Montana 10 months ago though. That may have made it seemingly more impactful.

| 9.5 | Repetition/Timing: HMM. What to put here? Oh yes, nothing. Everything seemed to check up just flawlessly with the very small exception of the very bizarre out of nowhere sax riff.

| 8 | Synths/Samples: Well let's see. Very realistic. The saxophone sounded a bit fake to me and too loud. I had to turn things up to hear the background in some areas which btw was very nicely done. I have a friend that plays the sax professionally so as far as quality is concerned you can consider me extra critical on this one.

| 6 | Structure: A decent flow. I feel personally that some things, and I say this generally speaking, seemed out of order. The reason I'm hesitant to say which particular areas is simply because a simple change in another area would completely re-balance the entire song. So it's difficult to point out specific areas. Besides these sort of things are more of an artistic thing rather than right or wrong. I just felt that certain things came into play at the wrong times in the song, particularly that sax.

| 7 | Transitions: Muy muy bueno. Trabajado mucho excellente. Most of the changes and recomboing in the song were smooth, fluid and consistent. I just didn't like the numbers and a couple of the transitions. Let me explain on the numbers. It started off with some larger numbers like fours and eights then changed to an almost swing type orchestral with 2 and ones. It was a very interesting style but I preferred the bigger numbers better. It almost seemed to digress into something different. The transition into this different form of style seemed random and a bit out of place.

| 8.1 | Overall: Wow that's the highest score thus far. Keep up the good work, measure your current success and expand upon it. I will be listening next time you decide to create a new 2 month masterpiece and undoubtably enjoying whatever I hear.

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Hello! lets start.. If you dig jazz in any sort of the fashion, Grab this now. I wish i was familiar with the original so i could here the similarities, im sure it'd be even better. Either way, Totally Jazzy, and totally kick ass.

0:01 - Mm.. Coool intro..don't quite know what to expect at this point..cool work though..

0:35 - Hellloo Jazz. Do you know Jazz theory? Certainly sounds like it. the backround sounds Very good..

1:03 - Sweet work man. The Drumbeat is almost too good.

1:29 - Love those Slides...Sweet work.

1:50 - Helllooo Jazz.. once again..VERY jazz.

2:11 - Cool Work..Increadibly Jazzy, Which i adore. not many could pull this off.

2:39 - The beat is constantly changing aswell, its also worth to note the backround sounds provide such clean harmony its almost impossible to deny the goodness.

3:14 - Also of note is the backround work, right here it SHINES. Excelllentae.

3:30 - Love the harmonies that are used here.. Those Chords are Indeed quite Jazz. most of them :P

4:06 - Delicious Work here...I love how full blown its gotten.. More Jazz Chords... Im Diggin' it totally.

4:58 - Excellent fadeout here.. just sort've makes you sit back..reflect...and say "wow" ..as most jazz does at some point..Terriffico!

5:42 - Jeez.. a bit long eh? .. Its entirely worth it. I don't think i can find anything to complain about here.

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Hey I'm an OCRemixer! How cool is that? :P

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and valid criticisms. Of course I'll take it all to heart on future projects.

Vigilante: Good ear on the minor 9 chord. As for the question, Majin was right, guitar was the only real instrument. And it's true that the RD soundtrack is a little generic and cheesy, but hey I'm a cheeseball myself, and I like that kind of stuff. It's a matter of personal taste I guess.

Prophecy: Thanks for the in-depth review and the constructive comments :) I just had a couple questions. I wish you could be more specific with your structure comment so I would know what to improve. I think I know what you're driving at, and if so then I agree with you, but I'm not sure. Also I still have no idea what you meant by "numbers" in the transitions. I'm not sure you'll come back and read this, but if you do, and you could clarify, that would be fantastic. Again, thanks!

About the samples, I promise I'm looking for better ones to use in future mixes, but good jazz ones are proving to be rather tricky to locate.

Oh and about it not being Afro-Cuban, well I will concede that it doesn't sound anything like pure Afro-Cuban, like a Chucho Valdéz or some such, because I haven't studied enough about 6/8 piano montunos and aux. percussion rhythms and such. The rhythm groove between the bass and drums that I set up was based entirely on Afro-Cuban rhythms though. So I suppose it comes down to being really difficult to categorize, which is AOK with me :P

Anyway, I'm happy to answer any questions and I welcome ANY comments/criticism you all may have, so feel free to post em here or PM me or whatever. Glad you all enjoyed the mix :) It's refreshing that so many people here like jazz— the jazz community is hurting for an audience almost as much as the vgmusic community. I guess combining the two isn't a particularly lucrative venture :wink: Ah well, never stopped me before.

Whew well I guess that's it for now. Thanks again everybody!


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One word comes to mind at the moment: SWEEEEET. The sax is so convincing, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was fake if my life depended on it. I personally loved the part at 4:00. ;) I can't wait for your next ReMix...

As for the soundtrack itself, of course a lot of it's going to be generic, since RD is a text adventure. But the main tunes, like Day of Summer/Far Promise and Star-Stealing Girl, I feel are some of the most profoundly beautiful I've ever heard. Of course, Far Promise has been done quite to death by now, so I was very pleased to see someone remix the ending theme for a change.

Mad props, Jaroban. Mad, MAD props.

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i redownloaded this mix after formatting my puter, cause its one of my favorite mixes on the site. and i'm flabbergasted i didn't comment saying how wonderful it was. dang me, daaaaaaaaaaaaang me!

ahm, good stuff. >D its going on one of my new cd mixes tomorrow.

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Can't believe I just found this remix only. It's really good, particularly the first half of it. The second half is marred by the awful brass samples, which is hard for me to look over since I'm a brass player. >_> Still, everything worked until the brass.. after that, it's abit more messy.

But VERY good work overall. I'm certainly impressed -- and disappointed to find that the remixer has no other remix other than this.

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The intro is slow and muted, very world weary.

It doesn't really get started until 1:46.

Usually I like Jazz, but this is a little too liberal for my tatses.

It also changes too often; the mix is trying to too many things at once.

It's O.K. but not really one of my favorites.

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Starting off smokey and subdued, but picking up and adding additional themes from the soundtrack later on, this is a pretty awesome mix. There's a nice use of pretty high quality samples, very tasteful and musical, and a lot of interpretation via counterpoint lines. When things get busier, the synthetic nature of the track is a little more apparent, but it's still good to go.

I think if you really knew the soundtrack well, you'd get a lot of additional enjoyment out of this track; it's fun to hear the various motifs appear.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00918 - Radical Dreamers "Interdit"

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