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OCR01723 - Mega Man 3 "The Passing of the Blue Crown"

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this song is like "oops we made the best remix ever sorry"

I pressed play and it was awesoEND


Those were the shortest 4:16 I've ever experienced in a track.

Certainly a compliment to how great it is, but I just wasn't done when it ended. Like the best meal you ever had, but you were really hungry and it was only half a plate or so, you know?

4:16 isn't too short and while I know nothing about it, I assume that arrangement-wise it did have all the parts it should have. Guess, in the end, the track was just too good.

Praised be the "Repeat Track" button.

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Wow. This kicks ass! The titlesong for Megaman 3 has always been somewhat an emotional piece, and this really compliments that and takes it up a notch. Well, 10000 notches. The production is supersolid and I love the "flying over mountains and high fiving God" athmosphere. The drums are just loud and punchy enough to keep this one BIG and going.

This is how I see Megaman music in general - bigger than life with a twist of heavy metal.

Thank you.

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And I'm definitely getting that Linkin Park vibe (and I, unlike Dave, AM a Linkin Park fan)

I'm with ya there Taucer.

In the middle of the track right now, and I have NO complaints at all. Keep up the good work guys!.

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Just looped the song half a dozen times in WinAMP, and I must admit, I am absolutely blown away by this one. This song is easily one of the top three in the original series, and you guys not only did the song justice, you turned it into the kind of epic anthem I would expect to hear at the end of a movie (perhaps with a sunset view of Monstropolis in the background?). This one is up there with DarkeSword's "Stranger in the Desert", Star Salzman's "Tickle My Wily", the Megas' "The Annihilation of Monsteropolis", and Sixto and zircon's "Nuclear Flash" collab.

Simply brilliant. Six stars out of five, no question.

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Very very well done. Anymore you have to do something incredible to surprise the crowd with anything from the Megaman soundtrack but I'd say this does that with ease.

I love the intro. The guitar work has all the brilliance it should. Then it chills out at 3:35 and blows you away all over again, and the piano work doesn't fall short of all you've heard before.

Incredible job, guys.

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Great job! Seeing as LP is one of my favorite bands (it was recently bumped out of the number one spot by Crush 40) I can see the resemblance. Other than that, it's still a rockin' track! And at 4:16, it's more convenient to listen to in a hurry than the equally awesome BlueLightning by Disco Dan (which is 8:41). But with this, my theory is being proven. 2008 is going to be an awesome year for remixes!

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