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OCR01826 - Chrono Trigger "Fight for Our Future!"


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That Mr Nekofrog is as mean as ever, and he proves it once again.

I'm not a guitarist, but I'm a CT fan ( and unlike a certain evil character, I'm a fan from the game too :mrgreen: ).

And as a fan, having recently remixed a CT fanfare in rock, I'm more than happy that competent people with real knowledge of both the instrument & music in general give this song the tribute it deserves.

This remix by Nekofrog is to Chrono Trigger what was Snappleman & Norg's Full Frontal Assault to Final Fantasy 7: justice.

You want some nice rendition that amplify the original to boost your energy for the day? You're served.

You want some clever use of source mixed with subtle but necessary variations? You're served.

You just want some pure & right to the point kick-assery? You're served.

I know it's no technical review here, but I tried to give you a feel of what 'fight for our future' gives you.

Well, it simply gives you the adrenaline rush that you need. ;-)

Go grab it!

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While the original is actually pretty popular to rock out amongst the doujin community, it's great to see another take of it here on OCR. My favorite part of the original has always been the bassline, and you did it sweet justice here, especially at 3:15. Very energetic, which I appreciate most in rock remixes, and the integration of Schala at 1:05 and again at the end was a nice touch and actually fits well (as cliched as that particular theme is in this community). Unfortunately, the drums are a tad weak, but not enough to bring the overall track down. Nice work Neko.

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I visited OCRemix drowsy and tired at 2 in the morning to find a remix that's been keeping me awake for more than 2 hours on end. I do believe that this remix has earned the status of simply, purely, EPIC.

Now, my attempt to be slightly more analytical, the guitar is incredibly powerful yet smooth. The hi-hat is probably my favorite part of the drumline. It's got a real funky beat that just rocks my world. I feel like the kick probably could've had a little more force behind it, but perhaps that would've made the song too loud and distracting. I'm actually quite satisfied with the way it is, but my opinion isn't the only one that counts!

Good work Nekofrog. Now...make us more! :tomatoface:

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Nekofrog brings some awesome rock to this track, and I'm glad to see it get some coverage rather than all the more popular CT tracks that are usually done. The guitars and the bass really do the song justice.

I can't say the drums do too much for me. It would have been nice to have those be a tad louder to really bring up the energy. I'm on the fence about the Schala moments as well; when it first came in I thought it broke up the energy, but as it transitioned to the next section it worked well. It will take me a few more listens to really get my opinion on that one.

The rising synth line at ~3:10 felt a little out of place as well. It lacked the strong kick of everything else presented. Not sure what could have been used otherwise, but I'm not crazy about it as is.

Enjoyable, but some things could really bring this track up in my opinion.

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Awesome, Neko. I've been waiting for this one since you told me about it at the Louisville meetup. Lives up to and far exceeds my expectations. There's not much I can say about it that hasn't already been said:

  • Guitar work was fantastic
  • Loved the variations on the theme
  • Drums were a bit repetitive and lacked punch, but the overall energy of the song easily made up for it

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Love you for remixing this song, even if you don't care for the game. The game has many flawed aspects, though the soundtrack was NEVER one of them.

I think this mix's rock tone really emphasizes how incredibly powerful the battle music was (considering that the second Battle music is hardly in the game). The rough, rock intro bores into me and really pushes the song forward. I'm not sure how much the varying melody parts really stand out against the main line until 1:04 when it changes riff. I think it would be interesting to hear the quieter parts of the melody stand out (even though this is a driving rock ReMix. The drums fit, but don't really do anything special. The lead at 2:30 kind of feels out of place and I don't find it adding much. The silence and minimalist part starting at 3:03 I thought could have been extended - or even had something more intersting to it, though it might have taken away from the driving rock.

Eh, Overall I thought it was a fair mix. It's not something I'll actively seek out, and I don't really appreciate this take on the source. I do think that Battle I is one of the "killa cuts" off of the album, and appreciate that this track has nothing to do with 12,000 B.C. (Schala, Zeal, Ocean Palace, Black Omen), Magus, 600 A.D., or the main theme. The soundtrack has so many cuts and too few of them are done justice.

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No comment on the guitar work (no need to praise you for that anymore :razz:). The arrangement was incredibly creative! I'm glad your showing off your stuff here - a lot of up coming guitarists can learn from your ability to re-create a piece of music to make it your own.

Great as always, Froggy Dude :nicework:!

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Great rhythm guitar sound, super dry and in your face. Total classic metal sound, and really highlights the precision. \m/

Really nice energy throughout, and I even though i'm so over Schala, this way of presenting it was well done and fresh.

Drums are passable, but definitely the weak spot, production-wise.

Good stuff, I thought it rocked.

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Umm... Wow. There's only a few remixes of this genre that I like. This is officially one of them. The guitar work is very well structured. Love the turn it takes at 3:15.

I like finding good songs/remixes like this and putting them on for sound rather than the game sound, while I troll through Ninja Gaiden II killing all. This is perfect for that. Yep, I could definitely slay fiends to this.

In fact, I think I shall. Great job Neko.

Edit: p.s. I agree with Vinnie in regards to the battle theme. I always thought it was a little under bar my self when held up against the rest of the CT soundtrack. Even, more kudos to Neko for that because his translation of the battle theme is stupendous.

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Oh hell yes. This remix rocks. Hard.

And what's up with the hating of Battle 1? From here on I declare it only appropriate when done in deference to this remix.

Had I made this (and had I the talent and dedication to do so), I would have done a few things differently. Most glaringly, I would increased the dynamic range and extended the breakdown starting at 3:08 (incorporating guitar at 3:14), giving a comparative pause to the piece and allowing for an extended buildup to an even louder climax. HOWEVER, now that I've listened to this a hundred times or so (it rocks so hard that winamp has sustained mostly this remix on repeat for the past few days), I've come to see the merit in what Nekofrog obviously had in mind. This is get-the-lead-out, 100% energy, 100% of the time. No silly, gratuitous ups and downs. Even the supposed breakdown isn't a rest. It's nonstop adrenaline. If this were to become the battle theme for the next remake of ct, I think I would be wiped out from playing it in less than an hour.

The layering is awesome (especially when there are three hot damn) and sync-ed spot-on, the picking/riffing is clean, and the chugging is downright nasty. I love every bit of that guitar work. I know I'm not qualified to comment, but I still love it.

And those bits of Schala. How did you think to incorporate...? Nevermind. It works perfectly.

Man, that's it I'm done. F-ing rock on, Neko.

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