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It's been a pleasure. Over and out

Geoffrey Taucer

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Now who'll barrel roll for us??? No no, it's okay... I'm not crying... no, not at all... there's no crying... THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!

Okay, seriously, it's been a pleasure, and I know we'll all get to hang out at MAGFest. I mean really, it wouldn't be MAGFest without you man.

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Congrats bro!

Glad to hear you got something you have been wanting for a long time.

Being a head coach means that we probably won't go freerunning together for quite a while now, huh? Ah well, when you retire years from now, we can still jam it up and show the kids that we old men still got it.

Take care of yourself, bro. Teach them kids some crazy tricks.

If anything, please do come back time to time to post some vids of you and the peeps you coach. Would be nice to see how things are going.

Until then, bye for now, old friend.

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