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3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

The Damned

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Bump with Tomodachi. Anyone else grab it? It's definitely very japanese and quirky, and honestly there's not much "game" to it, but there's still loads of entertainment value.

Basically you are tasked with tending to the needs of the miis you invite to live on the island. You can choose the miis' clothes, voices, personalities, and relations. Miis will want food, new clothes, and unique living spaces, and will reward you with trinkets and items.

There's also stuff like looking in on your miis' dreams, playing games with them, and letting them perform in concerts (which you can change what lyrics they sing). There is a language filter of course, but it's limited and can't catch misspellings ("bich", "diks" and so on. "Dong" isn't filtered at all. Why yes, my idea of humour is very highbrow). I played about 2 hours tonight and had lots of fun in a mischievous kind of way. I added miis of my friends and family, which makes some things really funny, like seeing my six-year-old nephew hold a part time job or my sister digging holes by herself on the beach.

All in all, something to look at if Animal Crossing doesn't whet your life sim appetite anymore.

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So am I! I've got family, friends, people I know, and whatever pop culture icon replicas I've encountered over Streetpass.

Possibly the most hilarious thing I've seen so far is my pet cat successfully operating a blind date between two other people. If only if Timmy was really like that in real life... xD

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Off the current topic, but I recently picked up Bravely Default and, thanks to the sale, Pushmo and Crashmo.

I expected Bravely Default to be good but didn't know what to expect in the Brave/Default options in battle - I'm really surprised how well it works and how much fun that game is. The art style is also really amazing.

I haven't played Crashmo yet, but Pushmo is a lot of fun too. It's a really simple idea, and a lot of the puzzles are pretty straightforward, but the overall experience is just so good. I also really like its art direction.

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Who is considering updating to a New 3DS (most awful name ever)? I'm really on the fence. Gamestop's offer of trading in your old 3DS XL for a $100 credit toward a New 3DS XL is very tempting, I just find myself wondering how many games Nintendo will release that make good use of the new features (such as the c-stick nub) and how many games that will be exclusive to the new console (such as Xenoblade Chronicles). I wouldn't bother upgrading if I knew for sure it would only be a handful of titles. The other new features don't really matter to me, as it seems to boil down to a bit faster processing and more stable 3D (I haven't turned my 3D on in about half a year).

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Well just being able to use the C-stick to control the camera in traditionally circle-pad pro only control configurations(like Resident Evil: Revelations or MGS3 3D) make it pretty worthwhile as is. I'm excited to finally be able to try Xenoblade reliably, as when it finally came to the U.S. I had already ditched my Wii. Outside of Xenoblade though, they haven't mentioned any New 3DS-exclusive titles past that, so we'll see where that leads. The biggest pro to me is the native Amiibo support, and certain games such as Codename: STEAM(or whatever it's called) have plans to use Fire Emblem and other Amiibos for character and weapon unlocks. Of course tracking down these Amiibos is another problem entirely...

Naturally it all depends on the adoption rate of the new system before devs start thinking about using the extra juice of the system, and I feel that by eliminating the standard size from the NA market all together is a huge mistake and will directly affect how software is developed for the system. Many people were enamored with not just the faceplates on the standard size, but also even just the colored buttons which are very reminiscent of the Super Famicom. Proportionately speaking, the standard N3DS got a much larger size increase than the XL, while also maintaining a very attractive form-factor, so the most "bang for the buck" really does reside with that version.

Additionally, eliminating a battery charger from the package is a Japanese business practice that makes absolute sense in Japan where consumer habits are very different, but would cause absolute frothing anarchy in an already confused bunch of parents and consumers in North America. It's clear that NoA is marketing the system to current 3DS owners who are looking to upgrade and have a charger or two lying around, but once stock of current models disappear from stores and are never seen again(this will happen), having to buy a charger will become a standard practice, and I hope Gamestop is briefing their staff on how to handle a confused customer.

As for me, I really want to buy one, but I'm holding out for different colors and Xenoblade. I've been trying to track down a Majora's Mask system, but they've been even harder to find than certain Amiibos if you can believe it. All in all, I think it's a great system and I'm excited to own one, but NoA's business decisions regarding its release in this region are kind of odd.

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They aren't releasing the regular size here because the regular 3DS did so poorly here (to the point they dropped the price by $80 and released 20 free games for people who bought it early, remember?). The numbers indicate Nintendo of America sees no market for a smaller handheld. Plus, face plates are neat and all, but I seriously doubt many people give a single whiff about them. A handheld isn't seen as much of a fashion accessory here.

And yeah, the Majora's Mask 3DS is hard to find because SCALPERS AGAIN. The few you do see online go for like $600. Screw that.

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There's a sale on the 3DS eShop right now (all prices in US):

  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – $15.59 (was $19.99)
  • Pocket Card Jockey – $5.45 (was $6.99)
  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – $13.99 (was $19.99)
  • Yo-kai Watch – $31.19 (was $39.99)
  • Story of Seasons – $20.99 (was $29.99)
  • Disney Art Academy – $23.39 (was $29.99)
  • Gurumin 3D – $11.99 (was $14.99)
  • Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure – $7.01 (was $8.99)
  • Wario’s Woods – $3.89 (Was $4.99)
  • Severed – $10.49 (Was $14.99)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX – $29.99 (was $39.99)
  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – $23.99 (was $39.99)
  • Inazuma Eleven – $14.00 (was $19.99)
  • Harvest Moon: Skytree Village – $23.99 (was $29.99)
  • Pirate Pop Plus – $2.99 (was $4.99)
  • River City: Tokyo Rumble – $23.99 (was $29.99)

Nothing really awesome, but a few gold nuggets here and there.

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