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OCR02204 - Final Fantasy IV "Four Friends of the Elements"

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Hahahaha... epic. Love this song, loved it since I found it on Youtube with the video. You have an amazing way with words (I needed a translation of course, but it works great), and the production is superb.

Great track - everyone will need to download this.

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Stylistically, this reminds me of a LOT of Disgaea music. It's a little harder edged I feel, but it really sounds similar given the way the voices rise and the tempos used.

I really like that the whole thing isn't strictly sung-he sneaks in a few spoken words here and there, and they really add to the chaos in a fitting way.

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I absolutely love Hyadain's ReMixes. Like the other one, I've seen this on Youtube at least a year before it showed up here, but it really does belong on OCR. It is amazing that he does all the voices, including the female ones. That impresses me. The beat is good and the lyrics are just as crazy as you'd expect from something like this. Really enjoyable ReMix.

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I absolutely love this mix. Energetic, expressive, and manic. The voice acting is astounding. The characterization he creates here is wonderful; each voice is unique, descriptive, and masterfully executed. Golbez at the end came as a bit of a surprise, and at first I didn't link the final voice with a different character, despite the fact that it is clearly different from the others in both tone and character. It may be just a matter of the unexpected, since one might go into it thinking that there will only be the four fiends.

Fantastic ReMix on the music end of things as well. It blends beautifully with the voice acting/singing and is sufficient in getting my body moving.

Really, this fantastic all around. I love it, and I'm happy to see something like this on OCR. Beautiful!

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This is really awesome! I'm becoming a big fan of Hyadains work ever since I fell in love with the Nichijou OP's. I was kind of surprised to know that that Hyadain was the same one on OCR! Pretty cool stuff. Check out his youtube people!

While the Nichijou songs weren't nearly as crazy as this (though, they were pretty crazy), it's still just as fun to listen to. I have a feeling this song would be better if I understood the game more, but I think I have a good idea of which voice is the protagonist and antagonist.

Really love this song. I hope we get more from Hyadain!

Also, it's awesome to see some mainstream artists (at least from what I was told he is mainstream) being posted onto OCR.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02204 - Final Fantasy IV "Four Friends of the Elements"

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