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OA now OCR's Head Submissions Evaluator? Oji ousted as judge? ZOMG BACKGROUND DRAMA?!

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Bio Tech - The Coop

This tune is from Thunder Force IV,

with '80s-style synths galore.

It's a fine first sub

we got from this bub.

From him, we can't wait to hear more.

The Fallen's Grave - The Coop

From Altered Beast comes Coop's next song.

It's three minutes, three seconds long.

Moody and somber,

it's a good number,

but volume levels aren't that strong.

Wounds of the Past - The Coop

Coop's next entry into our fold's

from Phantasy Star IV we're told.

It's somber and sad,

and really not bad,

but his synths are getting quite old.

Silverhawk Legacy - The Coop

This Darius remix we store,

has a solid beat at its core.

Production is weak,

good sounds Coop should seek,

before we accept anymore.

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