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R.I.P. Steve Jobs


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Merged offtopic thread with Community thread. Also, I don't think him working really hard had much to do with it... cancer does not discriminate :-(

Chronic stress --> enhanced intracellular oxidation --> endogenous mutagenesis --> higher likelihood of developing cancer.

I bet his lifestyle had quite a bit to do with his disease, but bleh, sucks he had to go out that way, and it was a 7-year-long, protracted battle with a cascade of organ failures to boot. The guy had serious balls (and vision, too, I guess) to trudge through something that debilitating to keep heading to work every day.

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For about 18 years, most of the important activities in my life have in someway been connected to certain Apple products. For better or worse, Apple has had a big effect on me.

interesting how Steve Jobs has been of interest to people through many different lenses: technology/design, business insight, management style, image power, etc.

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I've never felt this shocked since hearing bin Laden was killed. I have reacted to a President's death more calmly (for me Reagan and Ford).

Under his reign, he has seen the rise of the mp3 player (iPod), a strong competitor to the then-dominant Windows (Mac OS X), the birth of the smartphone (iPhone), and the birth of the tablet (iPad). It will be interesting to see how Apple takes off without him.

RIP Steve.

PS If you have Apple stocks, I would not sell them tomorrow. It's not worth the losses. Apple will emerge better.

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He reunited art and technology after we kind of forgot they could and should go hand in hand.

And I'm also in a little shock he's gone. I've never really felt much from a "celebrity" death until Jobs here. He seems like someone who my generation grew up with for so long.

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I've never been an Apple fanatic, however I do own and use some Apple devices. The company, and Jobs himself, have had immeasurable impact on the technology and business world. Innovation to computers, consumer electronics, management, marketing, product handling, and so on, can all be attributed to Jobs and the company he started and helmed for the majority of his life. While I definitely did not agree with some of his policies implemented into the devices he helped craft, I have a deep respect for someone who approached technology with such innovation and fervor for creativity. Jobs didn't just step outside the box: he lived outside of it.

And any CEO who actually answers fans email directly gets bonus points in my book.

This is a loss for the technology world on a massive level.

Anyone who played Oregon Trail on an Apple machine at all in their lives owes Steve Jobs some form of respect.

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