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OCR01377 - Chrono Trigger "Atonement"


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I've always been a fan of Darangen, though I never felt that he could quite compete with the likes of goat, Ailsean, Ashane, House, Virt and such. I mean, yeah he is a great musician, and I loved most of his stuff, just nothing really stand out to me. But here, wow, it just blew me away the first time I heard it. Certainly my favorite among that month's Dwelling of Duels. I can't wait to hear what Darangen has in store next. More Chrono Trigger please!

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Meh, somewhat mediocre given that I knew that the quality WAS high to begin with. You aren't bad D. and you know it, and the source tune DID deserve some mixage, but I think this theme screams for something... not heavy metalish.

Feel free to listen to anyone else's critiques over mine, I'd hate to deflate this moment for you and I'm CERTAIN you've pleased and will please great crowds with this mix.

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I didn't like how it started. It sounded very half-effort to me. The drums I'm not fond of, they sound like they're being played down a tube. For a "heavy metal" style track this is missing the "heavy." The guitar playing is fine, I just think it could have been mixed better.

The parts where the strumming guitar comes in gives the mix a more full sound, which is what I like to hear.

Not a bad effort, but I think this could have been better, it doesn't sound powerful enough. Congrats on the direct post though.

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