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OCR02388 - Final Fantasy VI 'Prancing Dad'

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I remember listening to about half of it at the time of its DoD release and really digging it. I didn't complete my listen due to time constraints and laziness, but I will soon. Promise. From what I've listen to though, it's PoD at his best! Must-download.

I'm so happy with the re-evaluation of OCR submission standards. That means we can finally get classics such as CarboHydroM's EPIC A Link to the Past Medley "Unsealed". This needs to be posted in OCR!!!

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One of PUD's finest remixes so far.

I remember when i found this on DoD site so long ago, its about time it was uploaded here to bring it to more people's attention,

I personally enjoy the bit at like 2.15 which sounds abit like something out of dream theater's Black clouds and silver linings album, Nightmare to Remember perhaps?

PUD is always worth a good listen, I've been a big fan of his work ever since his first remix on DoD which won first place that month i believe

His skill both on his instruments and sound production are beyond amazing,

This rendition IN MY OPINION best's The Black Mages rendition of the same track.

And i think that, is saying something.

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Haha, I love that write-up. "This is not a challenge! 7+ minutes will create more scrutiny in the panel! (DON'T) DO IT!!"

This is an epic track, though. Seriously pushes everything and more in your face, and I love every minute of it. I... don't have much to say about it, really - the fact that OCR bend it's rules around just so it could include the mix should give you a hint as to how awesome it is.

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Okay. I've loved this mix since the first day I heard it on DoD WAY back.

This song changed the way I look at arranging. PoD is an incredible mixer and deserves all the praise we can give him.

I have nothing but respect for someone who can do a Dancing Mad mix that ISN'T JUST A COVER.

Tony is one of the best mixers out there, and he's just warming the tip of the ice berg.

I can't wait to see what else he does.

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I was alarmed when I read the.... lyrics first. But didn't even notice them during the track, so no harm done. It's an incredible song.

This. And I don't even notice them on repeated playthroughs.

Time to rock the headphones and listen very closely. This song is all sorts of ownage.

More PoD please!

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I must repay you for this, Prince, if I can call you Prince, because, if not, you certainly deserve to be called it.

If you ever require a loyal manservant, I will happily oblige. This... This is like my most wonderful chaotic dream. It's just... Awe-inspiring. And I can't even notice the profanities.

That said, this is the BEST Dancing Mad mix I've heard. Well, okay, maybe it's on par with "A Thousand Voices Screaming In Unison" off the Badass album. But that's the only one that, in my opinion, is close to it.

So, like I said, this is my new favorite "Dancing Mad" mix and I doubt it will be deposed for some time. Enjoy that album spot you won with the Earthbound Papas. You deserve it.

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Uh. Wow. Not much I can say other than this is truly epic (and I hate to use that word), and I really enjoyed listening to it (on my 2nd playthrough now). I love long prog rock stuff, so this is right up my alley.

Btw add another one for "I didn't notice any language."

EDIT: I think it's time I actually listen through the original Dancing Mad. :P

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I felt compelled to give this a quick review and shout out. Somebody listens to Dream Theater! The influence I hear is uncanny. The production and performance on this is top notch, and would argue it's one of the top guitar rock / progressive rock pieces in all of OCR's history. That's quite a compliment, considering there are 1000's of remixes.

Not sure if you did line-in, or live mic for this. Regardless, I'll still say keep it live if you can! The sound is so much purer and unique doing so! Great drum programming, song structure, and flow. Congratulations on a fantastic piece of music. :nicework:

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