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Disney's Wreck-It Ralph


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For me, it's all going to come down to story for me. References be damned.

Not that I don't get a kick out of the cameos, but it's got to stand on it's own as a film. The concept is intriguing.

the concept is intriguing! I'm looking forward to the inevitable crossing over of the other main Videogame characters across the genres at the end of the movie.

I am also hoping for the the possible subplot following the little girl with glasses. (the one who asks "wheres the wrecking guy?") you see her playing the other arcade games throughout the trailers most likely following Ralph through his journey. She at least appreciates him :)

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Dig-Dug and Frogger! Who are the angel characters though?


Sonic woooo


Spotted some other ones too! Didn't img tag this one because it's too big.

It's the rest of the Pac-Man ghosts, Paperboy, and Pong!


Is that Ryu Hayabusa near the foreground of the big picture? There's a ninja sitting in a chair...

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I see two "Deku Links" in that last picture. One is below the yellow T-Rex, just by a man in dark armor, and the second one is just to the left of Paperboy.

So... two Deku Links? Or two characters from something else? Unless they went so far as to include two Deku Links because of Majora's time traveling mechanic, which would be a level of detail that is bordering on obsessive (and maybe even just overcomplication), I have to think it's from another game.

Now to just figure out what other game had small light-brown people with green hats shaped like that.

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David, Arrow, myself and a whole bunch of other people went to the midnight showing of it last night. It was worth the lack of sleep ten times over. I will try to sum up my feelings spoiler-free.

As a movie alone, it is the Disney standard level of quality: outstanding. Character development is natural and explained in a way that does not pander to intelligent people but is still understood by children. There's a great amount of subtlety in facial expressions and body movement to indicate emotion, basically on the level of Pixar (and since these are video game characters, many of which are already known to some of us, that's an impressive feat). The story is somewhat typical at a high level but deals with lots of complex issues, such as life roles, making your own destiny, the subjective nature of good vs. bad, etc. Writing is excellent and, I'll be honest, I got a little teary-eyed a few times during the movie; a true sign that I was emotionally invested in the characters. Even for someone who's not familiar with any video game history or relevance, its a completely enjoyable feature. The art direction is phenomenal, but I'll get into a bit more detail in the section below. Soundtrack was great, if not a bit on the teen-poppy side of Disney. The majority of the songs were enjoyable and fit the movie theme, though, and there's a large amount of chiptunes usage to keep the VG context. I wouldn't say it's appropriate for kids five and under, unless their parents are sure that some simulated gun violence and suggestive comments (mostly from Sarah Silverman's character) is alright. Voice acting was spot on and the voice cast was selected with near-perfection.

As an homage to video games, it delicately balanced catering to the fanboy crowd without alienating anyone or going over the top with references constantly. At no point during the movie did I feel like they were either ditching the Video Game relevance or were trying to square-peg-in-round-hole it. In other words: it always feels like the nods and cameos belong. There's an incalculable amount of nods to a huge amount of source material throughout, so only repeated viewings will yield the full extent of their research and writing. Remember how I mentioned art direction being phenomenal? The upgrades and transitions to a 3d world for all of these older characters seems fitting and appropriate in both animation and design. The seamless blend of what one would think is actual footage of games with modified and original artwork only hits home after the movie is over, when you think about how much work must have been done to make it believable.

I can't recommend this movie enough. I was afraid it would either start beating me over the head with game references or just have used it in the ads/trailers to trick a demographic into seeing it, but the cast and crew showed a true, sincere love and reverence for their source material and the culture that surrounds it.

Edit: was just looking at the cast on IMDB and they got the current voice actors for a number of the cameo characters, which is...really fucking awesome.

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Wasn't bad.

It's Toy Story for the video game generation... lots of nostalgia for folks from the Pong generation to today's FPS generation. Nice easter eggs and inside jokes too (Kano anyone?). The "damsel in distress" is designed to appeal to the 8-12 year olds who have no idea who Q*Bert is or that Mario Kart started on the SNES, not on the DS, so there's something for everyone. A couple characters were overly annoying for me personally, but all-in-all, it's worth checking out...but we're all biased here (obviously).

The residents of Felix's building had me rolling with their animation though. I couldn't stop laughing.

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All in all, it was good stuff. The animation short that plays before it is absolutely brilliant. As for the movie itself? There are lots of video game references but I feel the movie is strong enough to stand on its own without relying on them, so that's a good thing. The entire cast and music is pretty great, but in many ways I feel like it plays it a little to safe, I found myself wishing it would dive a bit deeper. That being said, overall it's a great film and one of the best video game movies ever made. Period.

And yea, the residents of Felix's building are really hilarious with the animations.

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Saw it last night. I thought it was great! They managed to exploit pretty much every pun they could for the Sugar Rush world which kept me laughing. Also, the script was surprisingly tight. Every twist in the story was foreshadowed in some way. My favorite game reference was a bit of graffiti in the background of the Central Game Terminal that said "Aerith Lives." I, huge gamer geek, thought it was awesome as did my girlfriend who knows very little about games.

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My favorite nod to video games specifically arcade games was the Kill Screen at the end of the credits. the graffiti and puns (pac-manorail) were was hilarious as well.

Wreck-it Ralph was awesome. almost everything a computer animation and video game enthusiastic would want out of a combination of the two mediums.

a well thought out story with puns and jokes galore, while having 3 distinctive styled worlds with having personal coloring and animation techniques in each. and that the characters were so well diverse, not only in character but is proportions as well.

on the video game side: they had all the cameos and characters stay true to their universes, at least I didn't see any glaring flaws. and there might be some commentary on modern games but the like that the video games worlds have rules and are pretty legit seeming.

I'd recommend it if you like Animation.

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