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This... is... incredible. This is what I've been waiting for. Gonna have to get this ASAP!

The problem is, I've already done a lot of custom tag editing in iTunes... plus I've got all my mixes arranged into custom playlists and such, not to mention my song playcounts. I shudder to think of doing that all over (mainly the file re-naming - I normally remove the game's name from the song and leave just the mix title). Ah well, the improved information and quality will be worth it. Thanks a ton!!

...why are the torrents named "v20121012"? that's a long number. =P

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Thanks for the updated MP3s!!!

I have all of my OC Remixes on Google Music, which means I can't simply replace them like I could files. Any suggestions on what songs I need to delete as well as up to what date? The torrent says October 12th, does that mean it includes all songs up to 12th of October (including the 12th itself)?

Tips greatly appreciated. As it stands right now I have no way of replacing my old OC Remixes with the new ones.

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It contains songs up to #2500, which was released on October 1st. All of them have updated tagging, so if possible, I'd try to replace them all - I spent a few hours last night myself deleting the old files and copy/pasting the new ones. You can delete the files on Google Music btw.

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After all the effort to update the tags on so many tracks, why didn't you choose to use the release day for the ID3 tags? I feel that is the only thing this torrent lacks.

I definitely thought about that, but I had two reasons I didn't pursue it. 1) I haven't seen any mainstream music programs that make any notable use of the field (correct me if I'm wrong). And 2) With the way we post ReMixes in the present day, djp may queue up a few mixes intending to post them on a certain day, but then circumstances change, so I didn't want files out there with potentially inaccurate dates. It would be annoying for djp to have to keep retagging and reuploading mixes he's about to post.

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