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Enemies that made you laugh


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Here's a video of the wolf man.

I love how his head keeps spinning after his attack at 1:06.

The funniest enemies that I can think of at the moment are:

Touch Me - FF7. Don't know why, but that name makes me laugh.

Cactuar/Jumbo Cactuar - FF8. Their reactions from getting hit and defeated cracks me up.

Solt and Peppor - Chrono Cross. Those guys are just retarded.

Not really an enemy, but Peter Puppy- Earthworm Jim 2. Just don't drop his babies! I always thought it was strange that he would throw the bombs at PsyCrow to protect his puppies, when he is actually throwing them in a building full of his other puppies.

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Some good examples here thus far. I like that you guys are showing the Great Mighty Poo some love. He still makes me chuckle.

As far as enemies that were written to make you laugh, how have we not mentioned GLaDOS yet? Simply hilarious.

And in terms of enemies that maybe weren't made expressly with the purpose of making you kekle, but sure as hell made me do so, I have a couple big ones. Pretty much the entire boss cast of Megaman X6, for one. Tornado Tonion? Seriously? WTF, Capcom. Number two would definitely be Fuzzy from Yoshi's Island.

Wow. Way to get one past the radar.
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Number two would definitely be Fuzzy from Yoshi's Island.

Oh yes, that was so funny. A few months ago I was really drunk and started an acid style remix of this song, because I had this theme stuck in my head

And in Kid Dracula there were a lot of funny enemies and partners. And I realized a few years ago why he has an umbrella, this took me half of my life :P

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A bit surprised no one’s mentioned two of my favourite games/series. First, TimeSplitters 2/3, which probably have the best multiplayer cast of any FPS I’ve ever played. The enemies (and allies for that matter) in both the story and multiplayer always have me laughing; for example, the dialogue when you use the flamethrower on the snowman who is flying around on a magic carpet. Other enemies include a cactus sheriff, gingerbread man, sock puppet, and of course various kinds of monkeys.

Second, the Parodius series makes me laugh as a whole, but that’s probably due to how seemingly random it all is. The boss designs in particular. Video:

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