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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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In most games I'd have a laundry list of things to be angry about with such a barebones online mode.

But this is Smash Bros, and I don't need anything more than the ability to play with my buds around the world, or be free to smash some random chumps anywhere.

Hell, with Smash, I'm estatic that it's able to do all four characters. Now let's just hope all standard Smash modes are available, and they don't cut any heavily animated levels.

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It should be ranked.

A rating server isn't hard to manage. Would work just like an RTS. Do 1v1s, and 2v2s. Finding matches pairs people off. This way you can play people from all over competitively and quickly.


However, I'm glad it is confirmed it can be played over the internet!

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Meh, its not like they are gonna run out if item slots.

Random Programmer: Err... Mr.Sakurai sir, you know that online gaming thing you wanted in, well, because of the hammer we don't have enough memory, so its either the hammer or online gaming, your call.

Sakurai: The hammer is HARDCORE.

Random Programmer: Okay, I'll go tell the online division they've been canned.

Obviously Sakurai saw this post and felt the need to let the truth be known.

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So, I guess I have to write an outlandish claim again and we will get a nice new feature.

Web Designer: Sir, since you posted a big new today, are you sure that you want to talk about the extra character options?

Sakurai: Well, extra characters are what makes this game like candy.

Web Designer: Yeah but announcing Wifi drained our bandwidth us badly, to announce that we will be able to add characters simply by putting them on game disks... I mean, I know that the option to add more characters to the game is neat, but still.

Sakurai: Olympic Mario is an athlete with no limits.

Web Designer: Okay, who broke the boss again?

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