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OCR02900 - Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 'Unsealed'


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i love the fact that this mix has been entirely reworked from the ground up and re-released.

The original one is an amazing track so what more can be said about the remake of such an incredible track?


the original is amazing, this is amazing.

CarbohydroM idk how you do what you do but keep doing whatever it is you do cause its kicking ass.

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Seriously...what's left about this classic that hasn't been said? It's a masterpiece, which is a word I don't throw around that often. One of the first DoD tracks which wowed me back in the day and of course introduced me to CHM. Ever since the unlifting of the time limit in OCR, Unsealed first came to mind...and it's finally here!

The original would've gotten a pass, but the fact that you re-worked this from the ground up...wow, dude, talk about dedication. I really appreciated the remastering, additions, nips and tucks here and there. My two favorite pieces of the track are the transition to the Santuary bit and the arrangement of the vastly underrated credits theme. You somehow manage to make these sections even better with the remastered version!

I can't sing enough praises here. Excellent job, CHM. This will always be your crowning jewel in your arrangements!

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Holy crap it's finally on the OCR front page! I'm beyond happy see this legendary ReMix from DoD days past here, it sounds better than ever thanks to the reworking and remastering of it. To say that this is anything less than a classic would be a shame. I love the ska section in the Kakariko Village part, the chilling church part and the work that went into the Dungeons, Ganon and the Hyrule Castle. Even the transitions back and forth between the dark world and the fairies was a nice touch that I gotta note. Cool to see how much this has been improved and even though I loved the original, this is really awesome. If you're a Zelda fan, especially of Link to the Past, there is no reason not to download this. So freaking recommended.

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Having known the original DoD version back in the day (yes, I was another one of those that absolutely enjoyed his works even then), I'm gonna have to say that this is somehow a MEGA IMPROVEMENT of a godly enough track as it is.

How? Production values have improved a lot since its original DoD incarnation (especially on the drums, they feel so much less muddy and more punchy this time around), the drum writing has taken a huge step of variety (noticing this a lot in the Hyrule Castle 1 section) and the dynamic pacing has also taken a great expansion, something that I can note with the variety of guitar tones (especially rhythm) and writing used throughout. The more progressive flairs for the dungeon themes (that wobble effect for the Dark World one though o__O) were also a great creative touch as well and again contributes to the pacing as stated before. And in addition, in certain sections the lead was played much higher up on the tone register, which also contributes to the fuller production as stated.

Even the VST additions helped with this a lot, not only with filling in frequency space partially due to the organ use but also for giving certain sections a fresh new outlook. The church section in particular, which I remember was a muted buildup in the original, feels a heck of a lot more haunting hearing it re-done with rhodes taking the center stage and makes the transition into Hyrule Castle 2 feel surprisingly more epic than the original.

And even then, give or take the dungeon themes and ending (which also took that time signature based approach near the beginning as well as THAT FINALE!!), the core essence of the track has remained and thus this can be seen as an absolutely AMAZING remake. So if you loved the original when it made its way into the September 2005 DoD, by all means take a look into it and see what you think - you might be as impressed by most of us already here typing comments. Those new to the whole thing may as well just sit back and enjoy this musical run through Zelda 3, and what a run it certainly is.

I can see that CHM has learnt a LOT in regards to technique and production values over the past 10 years, and everything here has shown it. I am so proud of him right now :D

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Holy triforce, it's now on OCR; no, it's now infinitely better on OCR!

I have known and enjoyed CarboHydroM's original "Unsealed" for years now, and it was already suitably epic enough that I was wondering at the time why it wasn't on OverClocked ReMix. Well, that no longer matters, as this version improves on every parameter that might (or might not) have made it fail the OCR submission standards: this version of Unsealed is both more cohesive, with top notch transitions, and more varied than the original, with improved arrangement and production throughout, making it reach a level of epic next to which the original now sounds like an only somewhat epic work in progress.

Clocking at 20 minutes, you'd better be prepared for a lot of epic to hit your ears, and your brain, and your face. The scale of this track isn't the least epic aspect of it: if the "Symphony of the Goddesses" was the "Metal Rock of the Goddesses" instead, this would be its "Link to the Past" segment. And all done by one man with (as far as I can tell) the main instrument always live (well, maybe not in a single take…), in the spirit of Dwelling of Duels for which the original was created. Respect.

And… wait, why are you still reading? By now the download should be over, so go listen to it rather than read me ranting about it, I compel you!

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Yesterday I was extremely depressed about a lot of things.

Then I listened to this.

Then I listened to it again.

and again, and again.

About 5 hours later I was still listening to the same song on repeat, but I wasn't depressed. I like how you put nearly every song from the game in here and very close to the order they appear.

Also love the arpeggios

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