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OverClocked ReMix Design ?'s and Issues


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David Lloyd: My site is inaccessible

David Lloyd: http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/

David Lloyd: firefox 3 is reporting it as a "web forgery"

David Lloyd: in my control panel, I can't get to usage statistics, etc.

Jason S.: Unfortunately Firefox 3 is having issues with all of our utility domains.

Jason S.: It is only with Firefox 3 and is not really a correct error.

Jason S.: You can just continue through that error.

David Lloyd: I was trying but that wasn't working. Is there an ETA for all the utility domains being fixed?

Jason S.: Unfortunately not since it is an issue with Firefox 3 only

Jason S.: There should be a 'ignore warning' in the bottom right corner

David Lloyd: yeah that works for the actual site but in the control panel the prompt just pops again

David Lloyd: Well, is anyone working on the problem, I guess is my question? Most of my users are on ff3...

Jason S.: Ah I see.

Jason S.: Give me a moment to check

Jason S.: Do you have a domain name attached to the hosting plan? Or just use the utility domain?

David Lloyd: just use the utility, but if it'll fix the problem, I can get a domain

Jason S.: Yes, that would fix the problem

David Lloyd: If I've got a primary domain hosted elsewhere can I host the sub on aplus? can't figure out how to do that with the cp

Jason S.: Yes, it actually looks like you already have two domains on that plan.

Jason S.: Here are instructions on how to add another one:

The agent is sending you to http://www.apluskb.com/scripts/Can_I_add_a_new_answer1845.html.

Jason S.: Here are instructions on how to separate those to have their own sites:

The agent is sending you to http://www.apluskb.com/scripts/How_do_I_change_my_answer2590.html.

Jason S.: I checked with an upper level tech, and he says that they are currently working on that Firefox 3 issue and it should be resolved soon, no ETR yet though

David Lloyd: Alright, sounds good. Might just wait but at least I have a fix. Thanks! spacer.gif

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We've been getting hit pretty hard by spambots lately. Any idea how they are getting in so easily?

Since I registered a long time ago before the big switchover, I'm not really sure how the new user registration process is done now, but can there be something done about how easy it is for people to register?

Maybe that could help cut down on the spamming.

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From what I hear, the latest versions of a couple of popular spammer tools came out a couple of months ago, and they had succeeded in cracking the spam protection on pretty much all of the popular blog and forum software. These things can even answer activation emails.

Most of the other forums I'm on have been hit as well.

Some of the old tricks like putting in custom required fields seem to still work to a degree.

And then there's ReCAPTCHA, which hasn't been cracked yet. It serves the image differently than most CAPTCHAs, and uses private key encryption during the image retrieval process.

Spam is becoming a serious issue. Latest figures show that 90% of e-mail traffic is now spam. Forum and blog spam numbers are increasing exponentially.

With e-mail, though, there are good spam blockers out there. Sadly, there seems to be no true server-side spam protection system for blogs or forums that isn't tied to one system. Akismet is pretty decent, but it isn't very portable and has some reported accuracy issues.

It will always be a cat-and-mouse game between the software distributors and the spammers.

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I know that there's an RSS feed that covers the entire forum, but it seems like vBulletin also supports RSS feeds of individual sub-sections. However, the feeds for the individual sections are broken and are never updated even when a new post is made (for example, the Projects forum feed). Would this be fixable? I'm not even sure what would cause the problem, but I'd love to have an RSS feed for the Projects forum in particular.

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RSS feeds for individual forums are not broken. vB's RSS is based on threads, not posts. A new post in the Projects forum will not be syndicated. If you want to keep abreast of all goings on in the Projects forum, you can subscribe to the entire forum by going there, scrolling down, and finding the Subscribe to This Forum link in the forum tools box.


This will have the forum software send you an email whenever the forum is posted in. You can set up alerts to be per post, a daily digest, and other options.

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Double-post b/c two different issues.

What happened to the remixer quick-search on the sidebar? I used that a lot. Would you please bring it back?

If you read the latest topic in Announcements on the front-page you'd realize what the fuss was about. Remixer AND composer (didn't complain about that though :D) are now artist since we have composer/remixers and it will be an easier way to search the entire database and make changes. Go go go!

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